26 September 2023
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P from mayo ireland: pray that we can stay togher

Pray that I, (P) and E will be togher for ever. amen

SPF from India: Very SPECIAL prayer request

PLEADING with your prayer team members LIFT our prayer INTENTIONS in your prayers & during holy Mass CELEBRATION : a).Wigan R 4 wheeler vehicle papers to transfer from S.C. to S>P.F. in State Bank of India,Andheri(E) & also car Insurance papers to be transferred.

K from J: Prayer for my sister and friends

My sister needs prayer to be well and receive Christ and have friends and family in Christ. She has diabetes and high blood pressure and fat and doesn’t exercise. She is obese and runs with and people at work and home and is part of false religion.

Gabriel from Argentina: Prayer Intention

For Pope Francis. For Diana and for me, for our families, neighbors, health,and prayer. For Diana's healing. For the coronavirus pandemic to stop. For my job and for my job companions. For Europe, United States of America,Asia,Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil,and for my country Argentina. For world peace.

Jess from UK: Healing and speedy recovery

Please urgently pray for my mother Gracy whos crticial in ITU here in UK. Her lungs are filled up with fluid and is on ventilator and also chest pain. We pray the Lord Almighty grant her healing, deliverance and restore her to good health.

Cyril S from India: Salvation of self and all near and dear ones and healin as mentioned below and others.

Kindly pary for me, urgently (SOS). Kindly pray and advise me. Kindly give me hope. C. S.

J C from USA: Pray for Khadijah Harden

Pray for K H, that God will expose all the lies, hidden things and bring everything out of darkness in this relationship into the light because Satan put this relationship together and this is the trick of the enemy (decree and declare this in Jesus name, Amen). Please pray for K H because she's in the wrong relationship with the wrong man right now and that God will remove him out of her life and out of her home for good (this is the trick of Satan). Remember she got a 4 year old and 7 year old autistic (do it for the kids).

LS from United States: Family

Please pray for our Family at this time. My Father had a stroke and we can not see him. I ask that you pray for his spiritual health and emotional health. Please pray for my Step Mother who is living alone. Thank you. My Father's name is Lawrence M and my Step Mother is Annette.



SE from Papua New Guinea: Court Case

Dear Servant of a Great God Jehovah Jared , God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Israel, Please kindly pray for me, The District Court magistrate is trying to lay Charge to me and send me to prison for the wrong I haven’t done, Magistrate is thinking that, I’m involved in car thief and want to charge me under Conspiracy instead our Lord God knew it I’m not responsible or part and parcel to the thieves to stole the car, the car has been return to the owner, but the magistrate is insisting to charge me and send me to prison, for wrong I hardly done. I need your prayer for God to send is Angel to go and destroy all this court file raise against me in Jesus mighty name before the final court hearing on July 13-2020 Thank you E S

Paul from Poland: Urgent prayer request

I take the liberty of asking you to pray for the upcoming presidential elections in Poland which are held on June 28 ( 2nd round two weeks later). The situation seems really dramatic!

MS from India:

My name is MS,33 years old.I am a divorcee. I am a lady with fear factor and emotional quotient very high.My parents are looking for second marriage which I wasn't interested for any of the proposals. As of now a proposal has come near my native,ie from Kolenchery,Kerala. Mr RG, where I too felt interest as never I have felt.As interested in the proposed, I have also got good vibe from his parents too. Two weeks back they have called and we are waiting for their positive reponse.Please keep in your prayers for me to join his family and to grant Jesus blessings. This is my intention , so as to proceed this marriage at the earliest.

G from Lebanon : Homosexuality deliverance

With prayers and fasting my homosexual desires have lessened , thank you God . Please pray for me to be free completely from homosexuality and to develop normal desire towards women and to find my future wife. And for my sister to find a good husband. God bless .

R from i:

Please pray for the restoration of my relationship with V. thanks -- R

BL from France: job, finances, marriage

- I would like prayers to find a job in media library in Brittany, to succeed in my territorial competition, to restore my marriage and be surrounded by loving and caring people. May we never divorce, Lord, and let me speak of Your plan for us! Let me tell you about my aunt and accept my testimony and ministry !! I would like to see my grandparents and avoid medication and care, that I totally heal, Lord Jesus !! That I find a good job in Rennes and training, that hands are laid on me, that I am not like M. Let me be decent and not shameless. That I am responsible and debt-free, merciful, that I control Facebook, that I go to prayer groups, that I sleep, manage the CAF and answer to M. May I find my childlike soul Lord !! May my body be the Temple of the Holy Spirit !! That I know how to fast and how to love them pagans, that I apply for this offer, Lord !! Let me do a biblical institute and be a biblist. Let her come back with me, Lord, please !! That I be good at writing and don't be separated for too long. Let me write my life and delete my AAH. May I be healed from my sins and diseases, Lord !! I cry, regret and repent before You, Lord !! Let me pass a diploma and adapt to the king's wedding. I want to thank you Lord, for the new things in my life and my heart !! Lord, help me to fast according to You !! Lord, that I blame my faults according to You, that I confess my sins to my brothers, let them be in the light !! I don't have to say everything. Let me contact the lawyer. That i find a little job and don't talk about my fasts, let me go to Clo and the Champs Libres. May I not preach Christ with a spirit of dispute !! Unemployed my heart, Lord, restore my soul and heal me !! May I be efficient.

DC from South Africa: Prayer to receive a 1 of the blessed Sacrament

Please pray for myself and my girlfriend to submit to the Lord and unite in Holy Matrimony and so that we can get married to each other as we have known each other since beginning of primary age and we engaged now and need commitment to the Lord in receiving one of the blessed Sacraments and to unite in Holy Matrimony and to Get Married as we both belong to the Holy Catholic Church.

a. from lv:

please pray for me to solve my mistake. and get a good, generous boyfriend forever. Thanks

DM from Canada: healing prayer request

Please Pray for E**** D**** A*** that she recovers from Pancreatic and liver Cancer, please pray that she has strength and successful Chemotherapy. Please pray for Gods precious blood may cleanse her inside and out of any cancer and our lord send healing saints for miracles and the Ever blessed Virgin Mary to Shine her gracious Rays onto Elaine. through Christ our lord Amen.

Gessi S from Iran:

Me and my friend "Gessi and Elli" are too ill, please pray for our health and healing of our illness

Anthony from Philippines: Work

In these difficult times, I was redundated from my previous company. Please pray that I may find a new job soon. And also please help me pray for others like me who have lost their livelihood during this pandemic. Thank you very much.

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