24 April 2024
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Jess R from UK: Healing

Please urgently pray to Lord Jesus for a miracle healing and speedy recovery for my mother Gracy who is in hospital on the ventilator and has now had a stroke, that shes able to breathe without the ventilator

Philip from KL: Healing

Dear Lord Please heal my son from residual problems from his brain AVM operation like visual disturbances, dryness in his eyes and hair loss. Amen

paddy from ireland: paddy and evelyn

paddy and evelyn to be togher for ever amen annmarie to get well

J. S. from AUSTRALIA: return of my son

I have not seen my son for 10 months. My ex wife has made false allegations against me to the police and the family court here in Australia. I pray my son is looked after well, is safe and healthy and I ask our Blessed Lord to hear my prayer so that I be reunited with him soon. There are 1000s of parents like me suffering in this country so please for them too. Amen

C. from Carlow Town: Friends Health to Recover & Stable Employment

I request that you pray my friend M...... will recover from the Illness she is facing right now, and that I may gain stable employment in order to marry her soon.

Nn from Eire: Coloviris gone

Corona Virus - Pray mom or me never get it. Corona Virus leaves the country. Will sell house no moving till end of September. M to move out and I get to Galway and save money. Keep L. T. away wife - gone from him. S. T. gone and R. sick

D. M. from Canada: Prayer Request for Elaine

Please pray for E, she's battling Pancreatic and liver cancer. May Gods precious blood wash every cancer cell from her body and may she heal completely, through Christ our lord, Amen.

zep from USA: Illness

Please pray for Miguel, Luz, Sonia, Joel, Jose, Oscar, Betty, Noe, Waldo, Cesar, Carlos, Clemen, Pancho, Moises, Lionel, and Rafael, place this petition before the Blessed Sacrament.

R. T. from India: Urgent prayer for Marriage issues

Please pray for the healing of the relationship and marriage of my wife R J and me , we are having so much issues due to her mother that is my mother in law , please pray that she is devoted to me and more understanding and finds peace only with me , please pray if any demonic or any curse laid upon us and the family to be removed away by the power of the Jesus and the holy spirit i lay all this at the feet of jesus also pray she loves my mother alot and respects her ...R. T.

M. M. from United States: Say a prayer

for G. she has to have surgery for breast cancer

D. K. from India:

Please pray for my 10 year old daughter Nicole mary as she is suffering from medicine resistant epilepsy

R. M. S. from India: I'm a Single parent,blessed with one daughter and she is in Grade VIII.I have lost my Job.Please pray for me to get a Job with higher salary. Without Job i have undergone my pains and tribulations from my parents and my mother always doubts me

I'm a Single parent,blessed with one daughter and she is in Grade VIII.I have lost my Job.Please pray for me to get a Job with higher salary. Without Job i have undergone my pains and tribulations from my parents and my mother always doubts and suspecting me often,totally i have lost my peace and i'm totally broken hearted. Please pray for me to get a Job with Higher salary..Please pray for me with tears i'm sending this prayer request.Please pray for me that i should get a Job immediately...Please pray for me... With Tears R. M. S.

K P from India: heal me and our relationship

Thank you god for the many blessing you have showered on us, please help me lose the excess weight, let me stop being judged and ridiculed due to my weight gain, help me be healthy again, as my relationship and marriage is also tied to this as P. and his mom want me to be healthy again i really love this man god and don't want to lose him on account of being fat please god let us get through this difficult time and make our complicated relationship uncomplicated and come out stronger and more committed and in love with each other and let neither of us succumbs into temptation in the interim and a total positive change into it renew our love let him remembers how much he loves n wants 2 still spend the rest of his life with us n raise a family n I pray for a miracle that his heart can be changed n we can reconcile this relationship that was on its way 2 marriage let his family accept me and stop being a barrier to us marrying

M M from Pakistan: Healing for Rakhil Manawar

Dear Prayer Warriors, I am writing to request prayer for my mama, R. M, she was diagnosed with Complete Heart Block last Sunday and suggested a pacemaker. The procedure is done but she is weak and anti-biotics are causing her trouble. She is diabetic with a history of Hep C. Please keep in prayers and forward my prayer request within in social circle and church, I am praying for a miracle in our lives through her complete healing in Jesus name, Amen Love and Regards, M.

miss D from United States of America: marriage

To be healed, from my long term senior relationship, of my rejection of marriage. Peace of mind and increased hope and trust that God will hold my hand...and bring the right one, soon Lord. Thank you

S. S. from India: obstacles

pray for my steady mind. Cast away confusion.


O God, I thank you for this day. I thank you for keeping us healthy, safe and well. Thank you for the gift of life, families , friends and loved-ones o God. Thank you for all the blessings you have given us. My Lord, I continue to pray to grant us strong immune system to fight against the virus. Keep us safe always o God. Shield us against any temptations, sins, sickness, diseases, illnesses, worries, pains, anxieties and viruses o God. Lord, I beg you to please give me a good sleep o God. I pray for a deep slumber especially for myself and for those experiencing insomnia. Purify our minds and hearts that we will sleep soundly o God. Lord, I continue to pray for health, wellness, longevity, vitality and abundance of blessings for myself, parents, siblings, nephews, nieces, cousins, uncles, aunties, grandpas, grandmas, friends, loved-ones, and all people o God. Please stop the spread of the virus. Heal us. Heal your people. Heal our land and forgive our sins o God. We glorify your name. In God's name. I praise you.Lord, I also pray for me to unlove the person who is not destined for me. I pray that I will not be so intimately attached with the person who is not my destiny. I pray that I will not be affected , I will not get jealous and I will not be afraid if we will not be the same like we used to be. I pray to guard my heart and mind. Secure and safeguard it with your divine interventions o God. Take charge of my life o God. I pray that you will finally give me my breakthrough o God. I pray that I will finally hold in my arms the person who is really my destiny. Please I beg you. Fix my life. Do not let us suffer more. I beg you o God. Hear my hearts' desires. Hear our prayers o God. I claim all my prayers with answers in your most perfect God's time. Through the intercession of all the Saints and Blesseds in heaven, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, in Jesus' name. Amen. I also pray that I will graduate next year on time. That I will be able to correctly do my thesis. Amen.

J. J. from India:

1. personal relationship with Trinity God 2. family life and mission- relationship with pregnant wife and parenting our four children 3. Children- lead holy life,early discernment of vocation 4. my teaching profession and students 5. completion of my ongoing PhD (research) programme

A. V. from Brazil: A miracle of healing for my parents

Dear brothers, I praise God that today, after almost 30 days, my beloved mother left the ICU. She's in the room. He still doesn't speak, but he responds by shaking our hands and follows us with his eyes. I believe in the Lord Jesus. I believe that HE will heal my mother and will also heal my father. Please, I ask you to continue praying for the complete healing and restoration of my mother Cida and my father Armando. Thank you. God bless you so much! A.

Baptiste from France: marriage, job, finances

Brothers and sisters in Christ, - I would like prayers to find a job, accommodation and training in Brittany. So that my family converts and my marriage is restored. May I don't be idolaric, Lord !! So that I can find a good church! Be blessed !

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