26 September 2023
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C. B. A. from United States: World Grace for all

Prayers for Christ to reinvigorate my parents, save their time from overworking themselves, and have the supplies to live satisfied than in debt.

Barbara M from Ireland:

Please help me with my intention and for an answer soon

I from Ireland:

I ask if you could please pray for M. B., my nana. She is surgery in Dublin for a brain hemorrhage. She has survived cancer twice and has suffered with a clot in her heart. Please pray for her safe recovery and healing.

C from England : Me

For C M M to get Alford to verry good husband

zep from USA:

Please pray for Miguel, Luz, Sonia, Joel, Jose, Oscar, Betty, Noe, Waldo, Cesar, Carlos, Clemen, Pancho, and Moises, place this petition before the Blessed Sacrament.

S. G. from United States: Problems

Pray for my family problems.

Stephen from Kildare: peace

Dear Lord: I pray for quietness and tranquility for us and for our neighbor, please grant me peace and quiet. In the Name of Your Son I pray. Amen.

Janice from US: For Fiance

My fiance kevin from Maryland US and I love each other very much but we have been separated because my fiance has been detained for investigation since Christmas. I have no news of him since Christmas. Please pray for God’s mercy to be with my fiance such that they will complete the investigation, close the case & let him go home so that we can be together again. His teenage daughter is still waiting for him to go home to be with her. My fiance’s daughter has already lost her mother at 3 years old. She needs my fiance.. Pray for God’s mercy and intervention So that the investigation will end soon

Gabriel from Argentina: Prayer Intentions

For Pope Francis. For Diana and for me, for our families, neighbors, health, and prayer. For Diana, Lidia, Sergio, Amalia, Ariel, Gustavo, Cristian, Lucia, Chiche, Giordano, Hector, Ulises, Karina, Diego, Maya, and Teo, for their healing. For the coronavirus pandemic to stop. For me, to find a good job. For the healing of my eyes and sight, nerves, veins, skin, nose, face, ears, brain, neck, chest, back, belly, heartbeats, throat, stomach, vesicle, pancreas, glands, spleen, kidneys, and intestines. For Europe, Oceania, people in Anctartica, Greenland,and for my country Argentina. For world peace.

C from Roscommon: Released from hospital

Please pray for me C. F. and B. L. that we can go home now in love and light immediately with live happiness and joy.

L.D. from Ireland: Family needs prayer

Dear please God please Pray for myself my husband and two kids , Please lord heal my son from bone marrow disease protect him from all sickness.Dear God please protect us from all bullies jealously trouble,Bless our marriage our home or faith peace.Dear God please remove the wicked neighbors nextdoor who deal drugs drinking make loud noises spitefully reving their car and motorcycle and music full volume I'm dreading the long days living with these people they hate us but we are trying our best to be peaceful and love them please lord I beg that these demonic people move somewhere else and be happy because they trying ruin our life's I give everything to you Olord

S.R. from Ireland: Needing intercession please.

My life is in chaos. I am afraid like never before. I need an angel to sort it out. I badly need a big warm hug too as I am alone. I pray for those who have in worse problems.

M. L.. from Ireland: Prayer for Healing

I ask for prayers my daughter who has brain cancer please heal her Lord, and grant that her tests will be positive.

G. M. from United States: Employment

Please pray that I have been hired by Maxim Healthcare

Purushothaman R from India: I want to clear my all the Exams both arrears papers and current papers

I am a college student I am studying Ug final year I put arrears in 7 subjects in my previous semesters Name of the Seven subjects 1st semester English exam, 2nd semester English exam, 3rd semester English exam, Business organization and management, computer application, corporate accounting 1 and 3rd semester Tamil exam these seven subjects I put arrears in my previous semesters and last month December I wrote a 5th semester Current papers waiting for the results Name of the 5th semester current papers Cost accounting, Banking law, Income tax, Entrepreneurial development, Legal aspects of business, Internship project, Computer practical these are all the 5th semester current papers I want to clear my all the exams both arrears papers and current papers please pray for me daily Dear God Thank you for this wonderful day Dear God please bless me Lord please help me Lord to clear my all the exams my all the papers both arrears papers and current papers at this time immediately I want to get pass in my all the exams at this time immediately please forgive me Lord please forgive me my all the mistakes my all the sins my wrong things my bad things my curses and my all the errors in my life dear god please bless me to success in my exams please help me Lord my life is based on my education you know that please help me to clear my all exams I pray this in the Name of Jesus Christ Amen Thanks for your prayers thanks for your support please pray for me I want to clear my all the exams both arrears papers and current papers at this time immediately

Rob from United States: Mercy

Please pray for the intercession of the Holy Spirit in all the actions of M. J. de S. Lima; let his actions be tied in the Lord's hands. May my Lord Jesus protect me and intercede in my Job and in my Life. Blessed be, all in good faith in Christ Jesus that can help me, and that the Lord Transform my Story. Please pray with me! That our Lord sent us, your holy angels so that My Mother, and my dear F. R., may have spiritual discernment. In the name of Jesus, amen. Thank you!

J L from Singapore : Prayer for deliverance

I ask for prayer for my fiancé Kevin from Maryland who is now detained and investigated by US army. I ask for prayers that the investigation will be concluded quickly so he can go home. I also ask that God will deliver him from this crisis. Please intercede for God to protect and deliver him. I promise to become a Catholic and promote devotion to St Jude when my fiancé escapes legal trouble. Janice

T. O'C. from Co. Kerry: Thanks

Thank you Jesus and Mary for answering a special intention

Pamela from United Arab Emirates: special intentions

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I would like to ask for your help if you can include me and my husband in your prayers for our special intentions of having a stable job as soon as possible and that I can get healed from my PCOS and get pregnant this year. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. Ernest and Pamela

Gabriel from Argentina: Prayer Intentions

For Pope Francis. For Diana and for me,for our families, neighbors, health,and prayer. For Diana, Lidia, Sergio, Amalia, Ariel, Chiche, Giordano, Hector, Ulises, Gustavo, Cristian, Lucia, Karina, Luis,Mari, Daniel, Graciela,Marisel, Edgardo, Romero, Freddy,Larry, Diego, Maya,Teo,and for me,for our healing; specially for the healing of my eyes and sight, teeth and mouth,ears, throat, lungs, heart,head, liver, pancreas, kidneys, intestines, bones, muscles, blood health,and blood preasure. For the souls in purgatory. For the coronavirus pandemic to stop. For me,to find a good job. For Europe, Southafrica,Asia, Australia,New Zealand, Greenland, people in Anctartica, Canada, United States of America, Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Guyana, Surinam,Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil,and for my country Argentina. For world peace.

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