26 September 2023
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Nnn from Eire: Keep us safe

Never get colovirus mom or me.mairead moves out soon her fellow no more calling here we what to be safe from virus sore eye better

baptiste from france: marriage, job

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, - I pray to find a job, restore my marriage, quit smoking, succeed in my competitions, save money, heal completely and that my family be converted, be blessed!

baptiste from france: marriage, job

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, - I pray to find a job, restore my marriage, quit smoking, be completely healed and my family be converted, be blessed!

Eileen from USA: Emergency Prayer

Please My Beautiful Wonderful Bless Mother PLEASE quickly and immediately heal my mother Joan. Please take away the infections she has, Please give her strong healthy vitals. Please heal her lung and grant strong healthy breathing. Please grant peace, health, and strength.. Please immediately heal her and let her come home with us before Christmas. please please quickly heal her. Please let her quickly and easily come off the vent Please let her white count quickly come down. Thank You, Thank You, Holy Mother, for all your miraculous love and miracles. I love so very much my beautiful Holy Mother Eileen

M. from United Kingdom: That the US travel ban may be lifted on, or before, December 31st.

Please pray for that in spite of what’s going on, President Trump may unhesitatingly lift the restrictions on travel to the United States on December 31st, if not before, and prevent any restrictions or hindrances from stopping me from leaving my own country, thus enabling me to travel there to the US to visit Theresa, the girl I love, on the second of January, please God. The signs of this are positive. Please pray also for all those who cannot travel abroad at this time to see their family.

J. N. from Wellington new zealand:

Lord Jesus Christ I believe you are the Lord Jesus Christ King Jesus Christ I believe you are the King Jesus Christ Saviour Jesus Christ I believe you are the Saviour Jesus Christ, I ask you Lord Jesus Christ to make for me in heaven the most beautiful golden mansion made of pure gold embedded with diamond to be my home in heaven created and designed by the Creator of all things in heaven and earth. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

K W from United States : Pray for Miracles

Pray for my family for deliverance from drinking and drugs and for salvation. Pray for my relationship with my next door neighbor V. for our relationship and love to grow stronger than ever before and her family for deliverance from wrong doing, for rebellion, wrong influence and for salvation. Pray for my relationships that live across the world for strength and growth. Pray for all those who loved me and left me. Pray for my team "the Alliance" for miracles. Pray for our church and the body of the church. Pray for myself

Violet from U. S. : Gods Perfect Will

Behold Lord my children are a heritage from you Father. Please protect them from those that wish to harm them. Surround them with the angels of Matthew 18:10. Let them come to you Lord do not allow them to be hindered. I am knowing 1 Timothy 5:8. I am praying Jeremiah 29:11 over my children. Give them peace. Remove evil influence from the lives of my babies. Save them Lord. Bring swift justice and financial relief. I believe Your Word. In Jesus Name Amen

J from Ireland: Getting further and further in debt :(

I am in a very bad place financially but I have faith God is the light at the end of the tunnel. I set up a page to help me and it explains more! God bless you!

C. B. A. from United States: Metamorphasis

Prayers for my neighbors and relations to hark to the ways of Christ, forgive bad actions, never be selfish, and Christ deal out good to protect from harm and curses.

Anthony from Netherlands: pray for the conversion of Marcel

Please pray for Marcel, that he will convert to the catholic faith, that he will overcome the obstacles that withhold him and that he will live in harmony with his catholic wife.

L.S.B. from France: Health

Still I ask Jesus to heal oksana , a widow in kiev, ukraine (she can t work) and help nastia -her daughter student_to live a decent life with more christian friends and be luckier. also ,ioulia the christian grand-mother poor. as for me that God shows me what to do to succeed in my life and bless my family thanks a lot

S J from Ireland: Heal Daisy

Please pray for D, that she will heal from her traumatic past. We are trying everything to help her but we can't. She is innocent and sweet and deserves to be happy and normal, please St. Jude intercede with Jesus for whom nothing is impossible and restore her to a happy life. Amen

RK from Ireland: To buy a house

I am in the process of buying a house. Please pray for that.

I. D. C. from Malaysia: Petitions

I would like to request for your prayers for the conversion of my family members who are lukewarm or have left the Church. Please also pray for the conversion of O. C. and her family. P. H. and his family, L. H. F., W.Y.Z. and his family, T. C. and his family. I would also like to kindly request for your prayers to pray for me as I'm struggling to quit masturbation and often face temptations to repent from this sin completely. Thank you.May God bless all of you.

S. P. from South Carolina : Married for many years

I'm asking for prayers that my abusive husband will be stopped & punished. He has been abusing me for the entire time we have been together & married,for over 30 years. He bullies our youngest and bullied & tried to put his hands on our older children but I put my body in the way to protect them . The older ones have left home as soon as the law allowed to escape my husband. It's just me & my youngest at home with my husband. I'm asking for prayers for victory over my abusive husband & for total custody of my youngest. I'm asking for prayers for my financial situation to improve greatly so that I can support my youngest child & cover all my bills & things we need. I'm asking for prayers that my disability check I get every doesn't get stopped or decreased & that I can get his name off of it & have it only in my name & that my husband leaves the bank alone. I have been trying to save money for a medical issue my child has. I'm asking for prayers because we live in fear everyday. I don't trust anyone anymore & my nerves are completely destroyed. He has slammed & punched & broken every door in our house . He beats me,twist everything i say,rapes me,talks nasty / sexually to me, threatened to kill me several times, berates me & my youngest child,calls us names, finds it funny when he hurts us in anyway, has isolated us from everyone & is such a good liar no one believes me or my youngest child because he makes himself look like a saint. My child & I have no one, no support system. He bullies my youngest & me, throws tantrum like a child if someone gives me or my child anything or if I am able to buy my child something so I have to hide everything or he throws a tantrum or looses his temper & makes me pay. I can't use my married last name because somehow he keeps finding out everytime I try to find help, so I used my maiden name. I can't take his screaming at me & starting fights every day because he takes pleasure in knowing that even if I try to defend myself I can't & hurts me more & curses at me & my youngest. I'm asking for prayers that me & my youngest are blessed with protection & victory over my husband & with safety. My children have caught him cheating on me & I have some proof that my children gave me of my husband's girlfriend, I have photo proof & am praying that I can get more proof. My husband has cheated on me several times before & possibly has illegitimate children out there. His current girlfriend he is cheating on our marriage with knows he is married because he has cheated on me before with this same woman. I have tried to leave before but his family has money and I'm poor & come from a poor family, they have threatened to take my child away if I ever try to leave him again. I can't leave because I don't have the finances to get a good lawyer to help me to escape & have permanent custody of my youngest & to have my husband arrested & locked away. He has started making not so fatherly borderline pedifile like remarks to my youngest so I keep my youngest with me at all times and never let my husband around my youngest alone at any time , I don't even let my youngest leave the house with him alone. I'm asking for prayers that I can stay healthy & not become ill because I have no one that I trust with my youngest at all because he has manipulated everyone to side with him. My husband is dangerous & needs to be stopped. We're afraid of him. Please please pray with us & for us.

NS from Germany: Love

Please pray for a intensive love for my own life and for healing my fears which are hindering me to following God's Will of my life!

L. B. from Germany:

Please, pray for my daughter S., for her self-confidence and for our relationship. Let the fears leave her heart, give her stability in heart and mind & bless her. For my mother, she is very ill, give her healing. For my brother, who has no peace in his heart and maybe is addicted to alcohol - help him out! For L. and her daughter, for health, for inner peace and blessing. Thank you very much!

G from Argentina: Prayer Intention

For Pope Francis. For Diana and for me,for our families, neighbors, health,and prayer. For Diana's healing. For the coronavirus pandemic to stop. For my job,for me,and for my job companions, specially for our working safety. For the healing of my eyes and sight,my nerves, teeth and mouth,ears,head, neck, chest, throat, lungs, stomach, intestines, bones, muscles, heart,and blood preasure. For Ireland,and for my country Argentina. For world peace.

p from mayo: for me and evelyn to be togher for ever amen

pray that e. and i will be togher for ever amen

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