26 September 2023
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J. M. from Portarlington Co.offaly Ireland: Pray for the soul of my deceased father

For K.M. Please could you pray for my dad who has passed away please grant him peace and settled in heaven. He is loved and missed and deserves peace , May God forgive his sins and welcome him to the joy of everlasting life in heaven. May his soul be granted eternal rest and salvation.

aeg from United States: Jason & His Family's Salvation

Please, pray that J. & his family trust Jesus as their Savior and Lord. Let them see Satan's true nature and God's character! Pray that I follow God's direction. Thank you!

S. M. from changanacherry: husband cheating

Dear father Please pray for my husband. He is cheating on me.He is flirting with other ladies all the time. He is always with his mobile chatting with ladies.so there is always quarrel at home and no peace of mind. He is interested in other ladies and shares everything with other ladies.He is addicted to mobile.So he is not sharing or caring his wife or kids.He consider it as modern life and does not find it as sin.The happiness,peace of our family has been destroyed by this. Please pray for my husband to be away from flirting with other ladies. Also pray for relieving him from his addiction to mobiles .Pray that the Holy Spirit to free my husband from lust and wrong company also help him to understand his sin and to confess it and to repent of it. Pray for our family peace and unity. S

private from USA: Sick

Pray for J. and C. They are sick and struggling financially, they are barely making ends meet. Please place them before the Blessed Eucharist. Thanks and God Bless you.

J. G. from Ireland:

Please pray for me, to get rid off my stress and heart issues and to be brave and strong enough to handle my job and life. Pray for my husband E. and kids A. and L., and may the God find me a way to bring them here, as soon as possible.

L. from CAN: HEAL

Please pray for S.L. who has severe heart/lung issues. Struggling with finances as well as other serious ailments. L.

T. C. Jr from Belize: Miracle Prayers for job and financial assistance

Greetings Sir/Madam, I am currently unemployed and affected by and due to the covid19 pandemic. I am in very,very intensive debt with bank money loan, house rent, and other personal utilities. The only way I think and know is for a miracle to happen to me to get over this situation I'm in this present moment. I am begging for your prayers and will have faith that something good will come for me and my family. I am begging for the world for help and I know somebody will reach out to me. In this I pray Amen!!! *** I am from Belize Central America. *** I will be greatly appreciated to be contacted anytime by anyone to receive any kind donations. Thanks and respectfully yours, T. C. Jr.

F. B. from United States: Satanic Attacks

Please pray for my mother, victim of satanic attacks for a year. She is too ill to get to Mass.

Belinda Brophy from England: Memory of

Kathleen Brophy (neeLambe) and Patrick Brophy late of 79 Marian Place Tullamore

M. D. from Ireland: Brain Injury

Pray for D. McC. age 23, Mullingar,Co Westmeath,..Car Accident, now on Life Support with multiple bleeds on his brain.

N.B from Ireland : Pray for my brother,and for all young people in the fight against addiction

My brother R. is a wonderful person, with a big heart,he was always favourite in family... I don't know what happened but he is a drug addict now...my parents placed him to institution which should help him ????????... And we know that now only prayer can help us,to get back our brother,son and the person that he was before everything !

a. from lv: pets in danger

Please pray for animal friends to get 4 poor cats out of the shelter, otherwise they will be killed. Thank you

A from Netherlands: pray for Rosanne

Please pray for R. Her son M. died a few months ago and she still has doubts on her faith and vocation. And she is isolating from fellow catholics.

G from Argentina: Prayer Intention

For Pope Francis. For D. and for me,and for our families. For D's healing. For the coronavirus pandemic to stop. For my job and for my job companions. For the healing of my eyes and sight, teeth and mouth, brain, heart,and blood preasure. For Ireland,and for my country Argentina. For world peace.

K. I. from Philippines: Healing

Please pray for my sore gums to heal. To have strong immune system. Thank you. Im karen ibrado.

Henry from United Kingdom: My monthly salary payment is late. Please pray that it will be paid soon.

My monthly salary payment is late. Please pray that it will be paid soon.

L from India: Hip joint pain (left leg) and back pain

Please pray for me I have been suffering from the hip (right leg joint (bursitis trochanterica pain/Sciatica pain ) and back pain radiating to buttocks. I have pain and difficulty in walking due to stiffness and also slight inflammation. I had a vehicle a couple of weeks ago. Please pray for me to heal quickly and relieve stiffness and pain. Also, I'm suffering from indigestion(gas). Due to the vehicle skid, there are skin abrasions in the knee and foot which is long taking time to heal and there is a pain. There is a non-healing wound in the leg(calf) which not able to heal. Please pray for me to heal and restore my condition. With Love and gratitude. L.

Z K from Magyarország:

I am K Z from Hungary. I converted at the age of 15 (33 years) and began living as a Christian. My brother and sister are competing with me, they don’t want to let me go. Ever since our father died (since 8 years), they have want to rule over me. The way to do this is through occult forces and demonic torment. Unfortunately, they found a strange congregation where they are supported. For example One of the pastors of this congregation has now been arrested for tax fraud and has been imprisoned. Thank you your pray.

J from South Africa:

Please Lord release me from my homosexual thoughts and urges while trying to maintain my heterosexual relationship

G. A. from India: Prayer for Healing

Prayer to heal G aged 14 admitted in a hospital in Bangalore with severe infection in lungs and blood.

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