24 April 2024
General Information

The loss of a family member, friend or loved one brings a sense of grief, loss and change into all our lives.

We wish to be there in whatever way we can to support people who are bereaved.

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The loss of a family member, friend or loved one brings a sense of grief, loss and change to all our lives. We wish to be there in whatever way we can to support people who are bereaved.

Contact with priest
Once the funeral undertaker us contacted by a family regarding funeral arrangements he then informs a priest of the parish. The priest makes contact with the bereaved family to discuss preparations for the removal and the Funeral Mass. The parish has prepared a funeral booklet which includes directions or guidelines for the bereaved family as readings/prayers of the faithful for the Funeral Mass. This will be given to the family during the first visit.

Removal to the Church
A team of volunteers are available to lead the praying of the Rosary in the mortuary prior to the removal to the church. Where the removal takes place from a private residence, a priest will visit during the day to lead prayers. The removal to the church normally occurs in the evening time. The parish is anxious to accommodate the wishes of the family in regard to the removal ceremony in the church. When the coffin is received at the front door, the Pall (large white cloth) is placed over it and is removed at the door of the Church after final prayers of the Funeral Mass. The Pall is meant to symbolise firstly, the dignity of the deceased person as a child of God, and secondly, that in God's eyes we are all equal in death. It means that no flags or emblems are displayed on the coffin during the period of prayer within the Church. Relatives or organisations are welcome to place these emblems on the coffin on its way to the Church, and again, as it leaves the Church. Should a family prefer that the Pall not be placed on the coffin, they can make their wishes known to the priest receiving the remains. The Christian symbols of a Crucifix and Bible will be placed on the coffin when it arrives at the Sanctuary. Family members are invited to do this.

Funeral Mass
Normally on the following morning. Again the parish is anxious that the Funeral Mass be fully focussed on the deceased and bereaved. Because of recent developments with the Sunday parish Mass (Gospel Mass, Family Mass, etc) we believe it is no longer possible to have a proper Funeral Mass at regular Sunday Mass times. Therefore, under normal circumstances we will hold Funeral Masses on six days of the week and not on Sundays. During the Mass, the bereaved family are invited to bring symbols of their loved one to the Altar at the beginning of Mass. This has a calming and thought provoking effect on the liturgy as it starts. The Bread and Wine will be brought up at the normal Offertory time. During the liturgy we encourage congregational singing with proper and appropriate Hymns. Secular music is not encouraged. Finally, Bishop Michael has also directed that eulogies are to be avoided because of considerable difficulties that have arisen in the past.

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Tullamore Parish Funeral Mass Arrangements and Readings

The priest will accompany the family to the graveside and, again in consultation with the wishes of the family, lead a final prayer service there.

Bereavement Support
Contact the Confidential parish phoneline 057 -9326604 for details of bereavement supports available in the parish both for adults and children.

Month's Mind and 1st anniversaries
The family contacts the parish secretary to make the necessary arrangements. For subsequent anniversaries families are welcome to book an individual mass or to take part in the special shared anniversary Mass which occurs at the 10.00am Mass on one Saturday each month.

Local Funeral Undertakers

Phil O Reilly - Harbour St, Tel 057 93 21210 e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Lambe Undertakers - Tinnycross Rd., Tel 057 93 21266, 93 21000

Lawless Funeral Directors - Tel 057 93 22622 http://www.tullamorefunerals.ie/

Funeral Liturgies