15 April 2024
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P from ireland: evelyn and paddy

E. and P. to be togher for ever amen and A. M. to get well soon

J M from India: My name is James Melvin.I have received my transfer order..Please pray that my Transfer order should be cancelled and i should work in my hometown itself.. Please pray that my transfer order should be cancelled ...Please brother please pray for me

My name is J. M.I have received my transfer order..Please pray that my Transfer order should be cancelled and i should work in my hometown itself.. Please pray that my transfer order should be cancelled ...Please brother please pray for me

R. M. S. from India:

Brother My name is R. M. S. I'm a single parent Brother. I have one daughter A. My daughter is studying in grade 8 Brother.I don't have a single money in my hand Brother. If i want anything i have to seek my parents hands or my sister hand for anything and everything ..... They are considering us a a burden Brother. For them ,myself and my daughter - big burden for them Brother. My parents are always suspecting me and making fight with me bro...totally i have lost my peace bro.By god's grace i have completed MCom.,MPhil.,MBA.,M.Ed.,PGDCA.,PGDFM.,Ph.D., - this much of degree Brother. Now i'm seeking job in chennai schools for Rs.50,000 and above pay Brother ,with higher remuneration Brother. Please pray for me Brother, that i should get a job with higher scale.If i get a job with higher scale surely i will help the needy people Brother.Please pray for me Brother. With tears Brother.Please pray for me to get a job with higher scale Brother. Please pray for my sister that she should get a good life partner(Marriage).Please pray for my brother Julian ,he is not talking with me and he is not helping me...Please pray that he should talk with me and help me With Tears R. M. S.

Rob from United States: Mercy

Please intercede for my prayers. According to the Glory in Christ Jesus, pray that the Lord will involve Me and my Job and my Home, and F. M. with a protection that no weapon formed against us will prosper, and may the Lord pour out the Holy Spirit on M de S Lima, M de N & M R, so that they may be come closer to God. Blessed are the aspects of our lives, amen.

William Stefanus J from Indonesia: Financial Breakthrough

Please prayer for our financial breakthrough as a family after going bankrupt around 10 years. I currently work, but my salary is not enough, and there is a change in management. The wife opened a restaurant several times, but always left a debt to the supplier. I feel dark organizing the life of the future. Please God open the ways & the doors of blessing for us. Thank you

Margaret Dunne from Ireland:

Hi Please pray for myself My husband our two kids. The doctors say my son bone marrow is failing now please dear lord protect him from this terrible disease heal his bones and restore his blood cells and bone marrow protect him lord from any risk disease like lukeamia or viruses please Lord bless my son's bone marrow biopsy test please give us strength and Heal my Baby boy Also dear lord please bless my young brother and his wife to be protect them from evil and bless their families please pray for peace between us and wicked people that God will destroy their plans and works to cause trouble with us that this evil and hatred jealousy, bullying will stop in Jesus name I give everything to Lord Amen

David Jodoin from Canada: Addition mental health insomia

Please pray for my problem amen

PM from irel;and: relationship prayer

pray for me P. and E. to stay togher for ever amen and A.H. to get well soon

SAC from US: i need money to pay bills and rent

I need god to bless that the white house to continue 600 hundreds dollars stimulus check for 3 more months until job open back up

S from USA: Healing of Mind and Body

My brain feels very cloudy, like there are heavy metals or toxins in my brain. Please pray for complete healing, and cleansing of my brain. I grew up with a learning disability and I’ve fought brain issues all my life, but things are worse than usual now. Pray for complete healing. Also my body has felt extremely fatigued. Pray for healing for every organ in my body. Renewal. Invigoration. Pray that I will understand what’s going on, and if I need to change my diet or anything else, pray for clear wisdom on that. In Jesus’s name. Thank you.

M from dublin: communication

that my friend will contact me it is causing me alful stress.

P from mayo ireland: pray that we can stay togher

Pray that I, (P) and E will be togher for ever. amen

SPF from India: Very SPECIAL prayer request

PLEADING with your prayer team members LIFT our prayer INTENTIONS in your prayers & during holy Mass CELEBRATION : a).Wigan R 4 wheeler vehicle papers to transfer from S.C. to S>P.F. in State Bank of India,Andheri(E) & also car Insurance papers to be transferred.

K from J: Prayer for my sister and friends

My sister needs prayer to be well and receive Christ and have friends and family in Christ. She has diabetes and high blood pressure and fat and doesn’t exercise. She is obese and runs with and people at work and home and is part of false religion.

Gabriel from Argentina: Prayer Intention

For Pope Francis. For Diana and for me, for our families, neighbors, health,and prayer. For Diana's healing. For the coronavirus pandemic to stop. For my job and for my job companions. For Europe, United States of America,Asia,Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil,and for my country Argentina. For world peace.

Jess from UK: Healing and speedy recovery

Please urgently pray for my mother Gracy whos crticial in ITU here in UK. Her lungs are filled up with fluid and is on ventilator and also chest pain. We pray the Lord Almighty grant her healing, deliverance and restore her to good health.

Cyril S from India: Salvation of self and all near and dear ones and healin as mentioned below and others.

Kindly pary for me, urgently (SOS). Kindly pray and advise me. Kindly give me hope. C. S.

J C from USA: Pray for Khadijah Harden

Pray for K H, that God will expose all the lies, hidden things and bring everything out of darkness in this relationship into the light because Satan put this relationship together and this is the trick of the enemy (decree and declare this in Jesus name, Amen). Please pray for K H because she's in the wrong relationship with the wrong man right now and that God will remove him out of her life and out of her home for good (this is the trick of Satan). Remember she got a 4 year old and 7 year old autistic (do it for the kids).

LS from United States: Family

Please pray for our Family at this time. My Father had a stroke and we can not see him. I ask that you pray for his spiritual health and emotional health. Please pray for my Step Mother who is living alone. Thank you. My Father's name is Lawrence M and my Step Mother is Annette.



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