15 April 2024
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A from Dublin: Pray that i can get a job

Please pray that i can get a job, i have applied for several recently and I would really appreciate any prayers my way even that I have a chance to get an interview for a position

N from meath: healing of my pain in my body

i suffer with a condition of frobromaglia painful condition some days very tired and unable to do much, ask jesus to intercede for me today and always pray for my son david keep him safe in these tough times, ask him to keep in touch with me make our bond stronger each day,

B from Belfast : A quiet place to live.

A peaceful place to live. Healing and guidance for family members.

J from canada: health

please heal my excessive somach acid . thanks

JG from South Africa: Being poisoned by badmouthing

Please try and help, store and explain the prayer for me.  My brother and his wife has a baby daughter. We live in the same and the house is in my name. I'm being bullied a lot through badmouthing which leads a person being poisoned. It is called medical malpractice. The events of people always bullying and badmouthing me started to happen when my brother's wife moved into my house in 2014. My brother's wife seems to have neuropsychological rehabilitation disability which is difficult to explain.  My brother's wife is always overloading me with badmouthing and negative remarks. It was tolerable to a certain level, but they have a baby girl is overloading me with negative remarks to an extent that is not even tolerable.  I don't know how to explain this strange phenomenon: I think she protecting the baby almost too much by letting me absorb all the negative comments from other people and turning it around so that I badmouth other people so that I can be exposed and be not protected. The baby girl is healthy and safe. My brother and his wife took the basic attention I needed and provided it to their baby girl. I unfortunetly have nobody defending or protecting me Nobody ever laughs when my brother's wife and his daughter at my house or when I'm close to them in the vicinity. My brother's wife is constantly reporting on the bad things I'm doing. I don't even have time to learn about a rugby score while watching TV then she is already badmouthing me about another things.  My brother's wife has studied to be a chef and never stops knocking down my food and cold drink through other peoples badmouthing. I've never felt nicely since my domestic worker has started to work at my house since 2003.  I think if I wasn't the first born and the house wasn't left in my name I wouldn't have been so much badmouthed by so many people. I have no right to my own deservance in this life time.   Can you please advise me how to handle all of her and other peoples negative remarks?  Thank You J

J from Sydney:

Pray my addiction to and affinity with coffee, iced coffee and cigarettes end. Amen.

M from Limerick:

I would like a prayer request for salvation for Bodhan Lukaschewsky in NJ

G from Argentina:

For Pope Francis. For Diana and for me,for our families, neighbors, health,and prayer. For Diana's healing. For the coronavirus pandemic to stop. For my job and for my job companions. For Europe, United States of America, Africa, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay,and for my country Argentina. For world peace.

M from Ireland: Fight against evil

Please prayer for myself my husband and our two kids, I ask for Healing for my son's body and bone marrow..I ask that the two genetic diseases that myself and my husband carry be destroyed in Jesus name so we can have more kids.. I ask for the removal of very wicked neighbors who the devil is using against us trying to ruin our lifes destroy his plans and remove these evil neighbors in Jesus name amen

Anonymous from Anonymous :

Lord God in Jesus name please send the Holy Spirit into this house into this family and drive out the demons of anger stress and frustration. I pray for joy and calm to prevail today especially with Mom and Dad.

PC from US:

Please Pray Healing for Hearing loss, Memory, Bad Posture, Body Pain, Blood Pressure and others )Pray Excellent health from head to toe and long life for L C now in Jesus Name. Pray Debt be gone from L C in Jesus Name. L C Possessions(House,Cars,Appliances Ext.) last a 100 times longer and become newer each day now in Jesus Name. I pray for L C. And Please Pray Excellent health from head to toe and long life for my uncle S C

JG from India:

In the name of Jesus I am asking to heavenly Father to make me and my family very rich,holy, very happy,give long life,very very safe, very very inteligent, very very brave,very peaceful, very very hard working,very healthy , give me a very gorgeous wife very soon and taking these blessings from you heavenly Father by claiming the Bible verses "John 16:23;24" " I will give you what ever you ask in my name to heavenly father,ask and you will receive and your Joy will come true"

M from Ireland: Peace

Hi please prayer for me and my little family We suffer from very wicked neighbors They thrive for drama and trouble and are addicted to drugs and voilence and house party's ..these people hate us and I do not know why but I dread good weather they make us feel uncomfortable when we are outside our home they turn music up to highest volume they also stole from us trying their best to get us to react to them so they cause trouble but we just ignore oh Lord this is everyday and I dread my kids going out to play after this lockdown because I know these people are watching them to attack them oh Lord I can't take this anymore we just want peace I beg of you Lord to remove these very spiteful people from this housing estate and live somewhere else and be happy but they cause us so much distress I ask for their removal and I pray for good neighbors in Jesus name amen

H from salvation: reconciliation repentance revelation deliverance

Please pray for H and At to reconcile to have love and forgiveness for eachother and get married to each other and still be in love with each other. Please pray for them to be born again saved and believing on and in the true lord Jesus Christ and loving him and his people please pray for them to pray, repent and love the truth and have a revelation of Jesus as truth and bible as truth. Please pray for them to be delivered from the occult ,Satan and demons. Please pray for guidance from holy spirit and faith that leads to godly action.

N from Hungary:

I'm going to take a language test in 16th of May. I'm afraid, that I will fail. I want, that pray for me! N.

Anonymous from Anonymous :

Lord God in Jesus name please protect my brother and all of his roommates and staff in his house from the corona virus. I pray all tests will come back negative in Jesus name. I pray the National Guard will be successful in helping to stop the spread of the corona virus. Please give them victory in Jesus name

BAO from Lagos Ni: Deliverance against spiritual attacks

Dear brethren of the living God, kindly pray for me that everything spiritual attack against me be reversed, every altar erected be consumed by heavenly fire, I was attacked I felt the attack on my lower back, some force of energy of evil weight thrown at me. I woke up prayed and cancelled it. I think because of Lockdown I'm forcedl to stay in an hotel called Oak hotel in Lagos Nigeria and most of them here are into occult and black magic. Pray for deliverance for me also and strength from our Heavenly Father in Jesus Name, Name.

EF from Usa: Unspoken

I have an unspoken request

Emi from Australia: Salvation for Stuart

Please pray for salvation for Stuart. Pray that he will come to know the Lord and experience peace and joy, and freedom from his past. Thank you.

AB from United States: Art success and setbacks

Prayers for my campaign in a sense as an artist in the ways of learning. I'm trying to imbrue in myself all the lessons, repair my mistakes and lifestyle to fit in time, but it's wearing me down that I'm not doing much. If I want to make a living off it for monies I need more adroitness and time for stability in Jesus' name.

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