05 December 2023
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I from Ireland: Rest In Peace

Dear God Almighty Please accept my dearest brother L. F. M.'s soul in your arms and hand him over to your loving baby Jesus Christ to keep him safe and take him to heaven as he departed us yesterday in Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. Help him to heal his sorrows and wounds and let him take comfort in Jesus Christ and our Heavenly father. Until we meet again, keep him by your side safely. Amen. Born 07/10/1971 Died 21/04/2022

OI from Nigeria: Have been passing through some demonic oppression in life and need prayers

14 days fasting and prayers against evil charms that is working against my life

JP from India: Health prayer

Mr. M. P. to recover from health issues. He has to walk and work like before. He has to recover from all health complications. Please pray for him.

EB from Ghana: Divine Healing

My name is E.B. asking for a prayer for Gods Divine healing for Cancer of the Breast ,with the spread of the cells in the Body and i am starting a Radioactive Therapy for Cancer i am hoping with your prayer Gods healing power will heal me completely. i am a resident of Accra Ghana

C.P. from Australia: Prayer for healing of mental illness

Kindly please pray for the healing of C's mental illness. Thank you very much.

Anonymous from USA:

Pray for J, and C, they are sick and struggling financially, barely making ends meet. Please place them before the Blessed Eucharist. Thanks and God Bless you.

MC from Ireland: Spirits of greed, selfishness, covet and all spirits that are not from the Lord to leave Colette and Rachel now in the name of Jesus.Amen

In the name of Jesus that God will break all the spirits that are not coming from the lord that are in C and R ... That they will return M's car to M and stop trying to take possession of M's car and possessions which belong to M. I need prayer for protecion of M, her car and possession and I demand the greedy behaviour of C and R to stop now in the name of Jesus. Break the power of satanic oppression over C and R trying to take M's belongings

Deb B from north island : prayer for healing

please please urgently pray for healing of numb fingers for my brother, due to swelling from surgery on his arm today. please pray the medical staff would do something regarding this so swelling would go down very quickly so feeling would come back very soon and for complete healing for him from the injuries that he has had in Jesus Name. thank you very much for praying for him

L & I from Tullamore: Prayer for Ukrain

Pls pray for Ukrain and it’s people for all strength and peace during this though times

R P from Australia: Prayer for an end to excessive sufferings

Please pray, by the infinite mercy and grace of the Lord, for an end to the excessive sufferings and distress in my life. Thank you.

RB from United States :

My husband Dennis has left our marriage and family because he has been having an affair. He has been under evil spells and hex’s that his mistress has casted on him to manipulate and control his actions and thoughts. Please help free him from all evil and help him to think clearly again. Help him to see her true colors of how evil and selfish she truly is. Make him soften his heart to forgive me for the past and to realize that he doesn’t want to lose me. Please help him to find his way back to our marriage and make him do anything and everything to make our marriage work. Please make him end things with her and her family completely and to come back home to me and our kids for good. Protect him from all evil, especially from her. Give him strength against her, give him strength to come back home. Pray that he never leaves us again and that our marriage and family will be amazing again. We’ve been struggling and hurting for years. Please help us. Bring him back home really soon because we need him.

private from usa:

Please pray for Miguel, Luz, Sonia, Joel, Joseph, Oscar, Betty, Noe, Waldo, Cesar, Carlos, Clemen, Pancho, Moises, Jose A. Place this petition before the Blessed Sacrament.

Chloe from USA: Prayers for Chloe and Colin

Please pray for the swift healing of Chloe and Colin, that they may recover from trauma, depression, anxiety, and pain. May they be whole and happy once again, and return to one another in a healthy, loving, secure relationship.

PF from Italia: flat to be sold but now without buyers

my family faces some financial difficulties because dad is retired and I am invalid. So no-one of us has a job - mum had died some years ago - and, for this reason, dad has decided to try selling the flat in which we lived when we were three. But there are no potential buyers. And also we do not have relatives nor friends to who ask a help to avoid or solve such problem

Marlen from Mexico:

Please pray for deceased in Russia Ukraine war and deceased in Alonso Diaz family. Thank you very much Jesus! Thank you very much brothers and sisters! God bless you!

GNí from Ireland : Health and employment

I request that my son will regain his confidence and enjoy peace of mind and lead a successful life through his art and design

R from Slovakia:

Praised be Jesus Christ. I would very much like to be healed. I wounded my right hand. I underwent surgical operation. I cut two tendon for index finger and the thumb. They had to sew nerve for these fingers. I feel pain in ball of the thumb already 2 years. I also feel pain in the palm and on one side of my index finger. I have high blood pressure 210/130 and take medications. I temporarily stopped hearing in my left ear and numbed the area around my ear. After two years I am overweight and my left knee starts to hurt. I am 48 years old. Currently unemployed. I would like to be employed. I live with my parents. May God Bless You. Thank You.

Alan from Australia: Prayer for getting rid of voices

Kindly please pray that I, Alan, get rid of the psychotic mental voices that I hear. Thank you very much.

M from Hong Kong: Fertility

I sincerely and humbly pray for fruitful fertility. I pray that my spouse and I will conceive naturally a healthy and beautiful child this year.

Tom from Longford : Heart health problems

I have chest pain sometimes had heart attack few years ago. The decease I have is atherosclerosis on my arteries please take it away I pray and have a terrible fear of dying

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