14 July 2020
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li cross from hk:

My father passed away. Please help me not to lose my job in the Administration Wing to preach the gospel, pray in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

ROB from United States: Grace & Faith

I place the Holy Name of Jesus upon R. E. I ask prayers for R, and I hold her before the Face of Our loving God that He may grant the aspiration in the heart of her and she grow in closeness to God. Our Lady pray for us, amen.

Leah B. from USA: IN ANGUISH

Please, God, I beg you to reunite me with my little Valentina very soon. I don't want to live without her. Amen. LOVE, LEAH

Oisin and abbhideya from Ireland , Clara Offaly: deliverance for my family from evil

Dear Lord we really need help, our son, 27 has a partner, and 2 small sons, she is an alcoholic and also a sex worker, he knew it when he got involved with her, but he is very naïve and she promised him that she would stop it, they a are together 5 years now and she returned to this work as soon as the first child was born. This is destroying him and he has finally come to us for help, he loves his two little boys and cant bear to leave them with her as many men will be coming into their home and they will be destroyed as they are now by their mother, she is very traumatized and wounded from an awful childhood of neglect, sexual, emotional and physical abuse and is very antagonistic towards us Lord I beg you to stop her somehow destroying herself and her family and everyone around her, please please do something to stop her doing this evil, thank you, mary

Jeff from USA: Friend Healing

Please pray for healing for my friend Whitney to cure her lupus.

Magdalena Lovejoy from Canada:

please pray that my body and brain produces more progesterone and my ovulation cycle is healed and protected by angels and protect my philosophy counselling and help Pauline be happy and successful and send us a healing cup and help my cat Kildy and dog Seraphina. Magdalena

louella from Australia:

danielle my daughter to have a safe trip overseas and peter my son to be delivered from debts

Marion from Bahrain:

Please pray for Dixie & Alan and healing of the strained relationship with the families, please pray for the conversion of Alan and healing from his excessive drinking & smoking, also please pray for him to get a promotion or a better job.

michelle from ireland: sickness cancer of the throat,

please pray for this lady having surgery today her mum just in remission from cancer, as padrio pio to intercede for her special healing and get well wishes soon ,

Crystal from India : Marriage restoration

Please pray for my marriage restoration. My husband and I are living separately for 4 years . i have tried to bring him back in my life but due to misunderstandings and egos he is not ready . We don’t communicate at all . I love my husband so much . Our marriage is on a verge of a breaking . My Husband has started divorce paperwork and I don’t want it . My request is for the miracle of marriage restoration and that God will soften my husband's heart to reconcile this marriage and not go through with divorce. For God nothing is impossible so please pray for my husband so that Jesus touches his heart . I am badly shattered and broken . please pray for me thank you .

Anonymous from Anonymous :

Lord God I pray my sister in Christ will be delivered from oppressive bullying manipulative personalities on her staff and in my team. I pray Ann will be anointed with courage and victory to overcome this oppression and be liberated. I feel scared for her because I see how frustrated she is under this pressure Christ Jesus please bless Ann with supernatural favor. I pray she will counsel and work closely and intervene for me with fellow workers. I pray Ann and Mom and my sisterhood in Christ will grow stronger than ever in Christ this year please help me be happier this year at my job I pray fir an end to working in fear I want to have fun and laugh more and not be swamped with data and corrective sarcasm and bullying words from others. Please take control of this situation and bring positive improvements

ranji thomas from cambodia: protect wife from adultery

I m in great depression and sick because my fiancée Jennifer is under the influence of evil spirits. She is being tempted by a very powerful married man to commit adultery while I am still in Cambodia finding job in Maldives. Please pray that the Holy Spirit protects her from evil and let me get a job in the same place so me & Jennifer can live together after marriage in righteous life. Our marriage registration papers are under process please pray that it is cleared on time.

Samuel from North America: Please pray for my son.

Please pray for my son. He got in his first fight in high school 2 weeks ago. He got suspended for 5 days.

Humphrey. from South Africa.: A prayer for grace.

Please pray that two ladies whose names I don't know, would both come to know of God's grace available to them? Thank you.

Amanda from Netherlands:

Please pray for me and my husband, we have a funeral of his granddad. this Thursday. Thanks in advance. Amanda

James Danstan from Srilanka: Prayer

I am James From Srilanka. I am facing of of problem. Please pray for me

Angasu from Ethiopia:

I want to get married to my girlfriend whom i have being praying with for long. before we get married we wanted to know if it is God will for us to get married but some one prophet says to her it is not Gods will others telling me it is God will that we should get married. we are so confused right now, will you pray for us? God bless you!

Amanda from USA: Thank you for letting me know love

Lord, I just want to come before you today and thank you for the time that you have allowed me and M to spend together. I know that he is wonderful because you made him wonderful . Thank you for bringing a sweet, kind, determined,hardworking,caring ,thoughtful,loving, forgiving ,patient,intelligent,resourceful,Playful, funny,man into my life so that I would know what true love is. Thank you for removing him from my life so I could see how wonderful he is and how I took advantage of his love while we were together if it is your will and in your time I ask that we are one day reunited and our relationship restored

catriona and family from meath: healing special intention

please pray for my friend favours requested at this time help intercede for health happiness and all what she deserves etc, in jesus name help them all,

erika rt from Costa Rica: Please pray for me

Hello My name is Ericka Please pray for me I need a miracle from God to be able to get a job at Carnival Cruise Line. Also for Nicole that has an Mat Exam and also bachillerato exams she can pass them. And also for all the petitions of my heart. I need a miracleless breacktrough in my life at this point please pray for this. I thank God in advance. Praise the Lord.

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