05 December 2023
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J from Nepal: 12 Nepalese nationals kidnapped & killed in Iraq in 2004

A deep Soul Cry to Heaven for healings, In 2004, innocent, poor 12Nepalese workers from Nepal were cheated by private Moonlight consultancy run by pralad giri(absconding) & other agents in Nepal. The fake andvertisment of work in 5star hotel in Amman was done. 12 Nepalese poor applied for it & paid hefty money by taking debt. Agents of Amman received the workers who were already in touch with Nepalese consultancy who had send them. Instead of getting job the workers were tricked & kept in aloof dark house with no human facility,tricked & sent to war torn iraq to work for US soldiers. US officials in iraq knew this as they needed kitchen & various workers in their camp. Workers were not aware of their real work & where they were heading but kidnapped on the way brutally murdered(one beheaded others shot)by demonic Iraqi terrorists gang named Army of Al-Sunnah-Al-Ansar & posted mass killing video online. GOD OUR LORD Pls reveal your heavenly power & perform true justice in all levels of existence to all murdered souls & their family.GOD please do bring to your true judgement & justice to all network of sinners involved in these heinous crime of all countries. I trust you GOD,Thankyou

Birch from United States: Praise

Praise the Lord! We give thanks to the Lord for relocation, new community, new relationships, living accommodations, debt free, saved household, deliverance from our enemies, favor, blessings, peace, love, perseverance and stronger faith. He is good; for His mercy and loving~kindness endures forever.

Shona Mills from United States: Relationship with God and Salvation

Precious Father, forgive our unsaved and backslidden children, family & friends for all acts of unbelief, sinfulness, unforgiveness, disobedience, rebellion, idolatry and rejection. Your Word says in the last days You will pour out Your Spirit upon all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your young men will see visions and Your old men will dream dreams. Please have mercy upon them and extend Your grace towards them.



LR from United States: Can you please pray for Katie. Thank you so much. GOD bless you always.

Oh please my Sacred Heart of JESUS Kathryn needs you so much.  Please dearest Sacred Heart of JESUS please bless Kathryn with a Holy, loving, kind, gentle, faithful, good providing Christian husband who will love Kathryn and who will cherish Kathryn and who Kathryn will love and who Kathryn will cherish all the days of their lives. Please dearest Sacred Heart of JESUS, please watch over, heal, bless, protect, and please keep Kathryn safe during her surgery and always. Please dearest Sacred Heart of JESUS please bless and guide the surgeon’s hands.  Please dearest Sacred Heart of JESUS please let Kathryn have a safe recovery. Dearest Sacred Heart of JESUS, please watch over heal, bless and protect Kathryn during her surgery and always. Please dearest Sacred Heart of JESUS let Kathryn have a successful, safe, complication free and speedy recovery.  Thank you my Sacred Heart of JESUS.

LSB from France: I can't walk normally

Please pray Jesus for my healing. > Since surgery in December 2021, I can 't walk normally. > My hip prosthesis was broken in October 2021 and replaced but I cannot drive nor walk normally. > > We had helped a family ostreinova from kiev ukraine. They escaped to the Netherlands > Oksana is a widow and cannot work. > May God bless my family and the family ostreinova

N and D from co meath: healing, health, happiness

help us to grow in love, to understand each other,he has a lot of stuff to sort out from his past, give him the courage, strength, and the tools that will keep him going, peace among us at all times,amen,

d e from New Zealand: prayer for energy

please pray about work tomorrow that it goes ok. too much to explain, finding work a struggle at the moment, thank you

S. P. from south korea:

In desperation, please pray for me, i want to know God's love. his unfailing, eternal, faithful love. Father's love. i want to experience, and filled with this love. can you pray for me to meet the God you met? the God of Love? because i do need an encounter of God's love. i need Father.. can you pray for me?

G from Singapore: Healing Love

I would like to humbly seek your help for prayer support for my most beloved C, who is currently suffering from a digestive health condition. Please pray for her to completely heal. Please pray that she will be guided and disciplined with a healthy lifestyle. Please pray that she will be able to manage stress due to major changes in her life, specially with love and relationship, that she may be able to decide to pursue what her heart desires, and pray that she'll be truly be contented with her life decisions. Please pray that she will be able to achieve her life dreams and goals that would make her fulfilled. Please pray that she can finish her education in psychology, that she may be able to be of service to more people who will need her expertise to be guided in their life. Please pray that she will be truly happy, healed from all sickness, fulfilled with purpose in life, and she may always have clarity and peace of mind. Thank you for praying with me. I pray and claim for all these to manifest because of our faith in miracle and great love. God Bless you all! AMEN

Christudas from India: Peace in the family

My daughter Anjana and her two children are suffering a lot from her husband and his family. Please pray for a peaceful life.

Theresa from Ireland:

Please pray for myself, Theresa. I have some depression anxiety and fear. I also have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is going on for many years now. I have a fear of going out/leaving the house especially during the daytime. The anxiety causes my stomach to feel upset. I am on medication but it is causing me to sleep most of the time. Please pray for the grace of forgiveness for me and that I will be able to forgive myself and others.Please also pray for peace of mind for myself. Thank you so much.

Elizabeth Bannerman from Accra Ghana: Divine Godly Healing

I sincerely thank you for your help of Prayer during and through the still ongoing Radioactive Therapy for Breast Cancer and the spread to other bodily parts, organs, and bones. i will be very grateful and thankful for further prayer help for my full recovery through complete and permanent Godly healing. Amen!

Ludovic SARRAZ-BOURNET from France:

Please pray Jesus for my healing. > Since surgery in December 2021, I can 't walk normally. > My hip prosthesis was broken in October 2021 and replaced but I cannot drive nor walk normally. > > We had helped a family ostreinova from kiev ukraine. They escaped to the Netherlands > Oksana is a widow and cannot work. > May God bless my family and the family ostreinova

Javier-Maria Alonso from España: Prayer request

I ask for prayers for my marriage and for my inner healing. For the pains of my heart. May God give me the grace of forgiveness and free me from grudges and resentments. Thank you very much for your prayers. By my eyes and sight. May God bless you abundantly.

Shashini from Sri Lanka: Please pray for me

Hello, I'm Chameli from Sri Lanka. I'm a girl and 23 years old. Finally, my mental illness is correctly diagnosed and doctor said to do ECT (Electroconvulsive Therapy) treatment. But, my family is going through a serious financial hardship. We need a financial miracle right now, to heal my mental illness, to pay our debts and to live a better life. My mental illness is Borderline Personality Disorder + Recurrent Depressive Disorder = Psychotic Depression. It was developed as a result of chidhood traumas and a series of bad painful events until now. Please pray for me to solve our financial problem and to have my ECT treatment properly, ASAP. Please pray for my healing. Thank you and God bless you!

Jason from Australia: Grief and loss

Please for my healing I've been through alot I lost 4 people my mum and dad in December Pray God richly blesses my life with lots of people who can love me back to life Pray God helps me find a good wife Thank you Please pray for Chris, Glen, Sam, Kurt Tina, Sally Jody that they give their lives to God

Anonymous from Ireland:

Can you please pray for me to have the strength to carry my cross of terminal illness and the emotional pain I have been left with after a tragedy. My days are filled with grief and pain. The emotional pain never goes away. I am left to live in a cold place. There are no kind people here. It's so cold. I live in one room that is infested with bugs, damp and mold. The landlords are evil amd won't fix the leaks causing the damp and mold. It makes me sicker. I am stuck here because of the houseing crisis, there is nowhere else to live that I can afford. I will never have a home again. I don't get to live out my remaining time in basic comfort. All of my hopes and dreams were destroyed. My life was broken. I wish there were kind people left in the world that would help me but there are none.

M.H. from India:

Could you please pray for me 1. God gives me a good government job 2. God gives me good male children's.

Michael from Serbia:

Please pray that all debts for room are paid out. Thank you

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