14 July 2020
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yeshe Gyaltso from United Kingdom: Health and well being

Please pray for Ranjit Gill, poor health and John O 'Doherty poor health and financial problems. Many thanks.

Mary Monaghan from Ireland: Prayers for healing required for Dara

Please cover Dara M in prayer for healing after radium treatment for malignant growth on head. PET SCAN due next wk. Malignant brain tumour two years ago. A novena of masses commence for healing for Dara on Sunday 1st Sept and prayer for Dara during this novena would b miraculous. We thank u sincerely Regards Mary (Spouse)

Rob from United States: Protection & Faith

Please help me to consecrate the life of Michelle R. to Jesus, I place in the hands of the Lord all the spells and false rumours she has done and be doing against me. Blessed be Fathers Richard & Mark and my Mother. In the Name of Jesus, Our Lady Pray for Us, Amen

Noree from Eire:

Please please job soon sick of being at home no money dole money soon Patrick answered the phone please take me to see my Mom No job because of taxi driver. He off on a two week hols just dumped me and blocked den no reason I did nothing but paid him every week. Everyone was depending on him to take me now no wages please sick pay soon get a job soon. All on my own dad dead 2 years, mom in glamire 12 weeks please Mom no more falls please no debt letters keep me safe Please job miracle soon and me at home everyday on my own fed up want to commit suicide asap bring home my mother to me soon and job no family wants me

Marin V from Romania: arthritis

PLEASE pray for my jaw joints, i had arthritis there and its horrible, thank you!!


I need prayer that i see God in my life,i need a job and emancipation from abject poverty.I want to be reconciled from friends whom i have been estranged with because of my paucity especially the mother of my daughter who has for the last nine years barred me from seeing my daughter because she believe i can add no value in my child's life since i am poor.I want to make peace with all those people who hate me for my lack of income,i would like to demonstrate that i can be a useful human being.I need a miracle in life.

private from usa: health and financial stress

Holy Lord Jesus bless cesar and joel, heal them from all illness and protect them from all evil. They are struggling financially. Please help them to make all bill payments, and to prosper and succeed in their jobs, in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

kerry from london: lost family found

I want to say a big thanks to Lucy for his recommendation I have also got my result and we finally found my mother who has been missing for 6years this result is so unbelievable.

Julie Decker from United States:

Asking for prayers for 4 year old Stryker Glenn from the U.S. He is very ill. I ask for prayers for his parents who have not left his bedside for weeks. Dear God have mercy on this beautiful child and lay your healing and comforting hands upon him.

RANJI THOMAS from CAMBODIA : Prayers to remove dmon of adultery

I need your prayers to get blessings of Holy spirit on my fiacee & me . We are going through very tough situation, i am living & working in Cambodia & she is living & working in Maldives .We need God,s blessings to live & work together in same place .Now we are trying to get our marriage documents to proceeds ,but recently there is a married Maldivian person in her life who is motivating her to commit adultery. Please pray to Jesus to give us blessings of Holy spirit to get out from this evil relationships which spoiling our parents hope & prayers. With lots of pains & tears i am sharing you my life sorrow, please pray that God takes her away from all extra martial affairs & God bless us to reunite for rest of life in Godly manner .I m trusting that Jesus will touch her heart and make her blessed with Holy Spirit so she believe in God.

Ernest from Nigeria:

Father the creator of Heaven and Earth, I thank YOU so much for your mercies, grace and favor upon my life and family. There is none like YOU. Due to the economic situation in my country, I applied to migrate to Canada with my family to work and education for my children. I want GOD to intervene and make the application successful, provide all funds needed for the trip and create opportunities for us in Canada. I thank and worship YOU for the answered prayers in JESUS Mighty name. AMEN.

Mo from CA: Deliverance from oppression

Oh Lord please remember me and my family, please Lord save me and my family from the strongholds of oppression. Please deliver me and my family speedily. Amen

John from United States: Prayer Request

Prayer request for my brother James that he find full time newfound lucrative employment quickly and expeditiously...In addition, I also request prayer intercession for me for more increased success in my professional and personal life and lovelife, and all aspects of my life, and for greater longevity and perpetuity in increased financial success in the American Stock Markets

laxmi chhabra from India: prayer for my mothers brain healing

Please pray for my Mummy  laxmi chhabra whos is admitted in hospital from 3 months that she breathes normally her heart rate and oxygen and respiratory rate is normal. Pray that her brain and central nervous system is healed by God's grace she walks and sits on her own. Please pray that she eats and drinks though her mouth and her food pipe is removed ....and she starts talking normally...Please pray my mom gets her discharge and we treat her at home home. And that God gives us and doctors a way out to treat my mother and show us a path to find finances

Norer from Eure: Mother shakes go

Please please dad get mom out of bed walking bring her home Get her better its 11 weeks now I can't drive I need her I'm living in countryside on my own taxi driver texts soon to take me to work and bring me home as finding it hard to get to work - Taxi driver spilts up with wife as he constant arguing with them and she constant looking money Please house safe no more debt letters Keep me safe Mary b will pick me today not late stuck at home all day on my own Clothes dry not wet Keep me safe can get to work everyday and see mom drive me soon Please taxi texts today.

Rob from United States: Protection & Faith

Please pray for me in the Name of Jesus. Blessed be Father Richard and my Mother, Our Lady Pray for us, St. Joseph Pray for Us, Amen.

noeleen from ireland: good health and inner peace,

please pray for me starting new partime job on wed, give me the confidence patience and strength to keep going, suffer with an painful condition called fromagalia in constant pain every day, pray for my son david send him healing. amen

zep from usa: financial stress and illness

Jesus Christ, please bless Miguel, Luz, Sonia, Joel, Jose, Oscar, Betty, Noe, Waldo, Cesar, Carlos, Teresa, Clemen, Pancho, Moises, and families. Protect them of all illness, evil, enemies, and help them prosper in life.

Natalie from Dublin : Fertility

Can you please pray for me that me and my husband will conceive a child and have a family please

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