05 December 2023
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D.M. from Ireland: Healing

Dear Fathers, please pray for me, I'm having trouble at work and in life. I'm also having trouble with my mental health and waiting for a bed in the psych hospital. I always praise Jesus even for my troubles as he knows the reason. Amen.

M. M. from Canada: Financial blessings that lead to independence

Could you please pray for me? I'm a Catholic who needs Heaven's help in having a financial windfall that gives me independence from my controlling family. I am crestfallen, grumpy and irritated dealing with my family and would like God's help being free to purchase and own my own house, have my own career and go on my own vacations. Could you please pray to God, Jesus and all the angels and saints to lend their ears and hearts and answer my prayers if I am worthy enough? In gratitude for these prayers being answered, I promise to aid my brother's university tuition payments and aid charities/crowdfunding campaigns which assist orphans, the sick and the poor. Amen

O.F. from Aberdeen Scotland : One Year anniversary mass

Please pray for the friends and family members of N. W. that they may know God’s healing grace in their grieving for their loved one on the anniversary of her death.

Gabriel from Argentina : Prayer Intentions

For the patient in the next bed, for his healing and full recovery and for his feeding and drinking, and for his final perseverance.

ML from Kingston: healings

pray to heal M.L. eyesight, grief, loss, loneliness, center of consciousness, nasal cavity and with millions of angels pray for a good nights sleep with a star of david healing and a flower of life healing and may i receive a healing cup from Jesus and I lift up Neil, and David and James and Antonio to health.

Laura M from Ireland : Healing

Please pray for me to heal from bowel cancer. I am only 36 and would love to move on from this difficult chapter and to live a long and happy life with a family of my own some day. Thank you so much.

Alfred from USA: Rest In Peace Matthew

Prayer Request: Matthew Wayne Shepard (Deceased) Please pray for Matthew Wayne Shepard's eternal rest. Please pray for God's mercy and love to heal his soul. Pray for peace with Christ…

Mayo from Mayo: My brother not to get prison sentence

Please god may tom not get prison sentence

JH from USA: healing

Please pray for the healing of my homosexuality, which has caused me great sufferings. Thank you.

Anonymous from USA:

Please pray for Joel, and Cesar, they are sick and struggling financially, barely making ends meet. Please place them before the Blessed Eucharist. Thanks and God Bless you.

AD from Australia: Prayer for healing of mental illness

Kindly please intensify your prayers for Alan, as there has been a reduction in the psychotic voices he hears due to your prayers. Thank you.

DB from Fiji: Repentance

Dear Sisters, I request forgiveness, having repented,for heinous sin and mistake of committing hundreds of abortions as a doctor and prayers for the salvation of my eternal soul.

Elizabeth Bannerman from Ghana: Healing

I will like to sincerely thank for your help for Elisabeth Bannerman during and still on going Radioactive Therapy for breast Cancer and the spread to other bodily parts organs and bones. i will be very greatful and thankful for further prayer help for my full recovery through complete and permanent Godly healing Amen

Vijaya Lakshmi from India: Job and financial blessings

Praise the lord My name is Vijaya.Iam looking for job and I am struggling with finance problems. I want permanent job and financial blessings for my family needs. Please pray for my needs. Thanking you.

Raajiv from Australia: Forgiveness and salvation

Kindly please pray for the forgiveness of all my sins and for my salvation.

Alan Demascus from Australia: Prayer request for healing

Kindly please pray for the healing of Alan's schizophrenia illness, especially the many different voices that he hears. Thank you very much.

SALVATORE G WATSON from United States: Marriage falling apart

I ( Salvatore)beg your intercessory prayers for my marriage to my wife Charlene. That the Lord would bring her home to me soon . That he restore our relationship , our marriage & our love for one another . I miss her so badly & so does my son . Amen

DJ from United States: healing and deliverance

Please pray for the healing, protection, and deliverance of my daughter Lauren

DJ from United States: healing and deliverance

Please pray for the protection and healing of Doc Mike from sex magic and evil witchcraft spells and the courage to return to the faith, God, and if it is His will to me.

Adriana Suciu from Romania: I need your prayer for my son, his wife and their baby

„Adriana, mother of Mihai-Emil, I pray to the Most Holy Trinity, to fill Mihai-Emil with Graces and Virtues, I pray to the Holy Spirit to pour out His Gifts and Fruits on my boy, to help him offering to him a good online job, working from home on the computer, to offer him collaboration as a photographer, to raise his baby in faith and love, to go together with his wife and baby to the holy Liturgies with faith and piety, to take the holy sacraments, to make prayers in the family, to have peace, tranquility, tolerance, patience, gentleness, good communication with his wife, Elizabeth, his wife to become calm, gentle, patient, tolerant, to stop having nerves and stop yelling. May their baby, Shinji-Dimitris, be enlightened and comforted by holiness and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, so that, to be able to speak well, clearly, to eat, to feed better, to learn easily, to be attentive, to be obedient to his parents, to stop yelling, to stop being nervous. May Mihai-Emil, Elizabet, Shinji-Dimitris be healthy physically, mentally, spiritually, may they be guarded and protected from any evils, dangers, diseases, accidents, evil enemies seen and unseen. So, may God help them, through the hands, the righteous heart, the prayers and the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary”. AMIN.

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