05 March 2024

For the week beginning on Sunday 13th. February 2022


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While almost all restrictions have now been lifted, you are asked to still adhere to the following:

• Face Masks should still be worn at all times in the Church

• Hand Sanitiser to be used entering and leaving the Church

• Communion to be administered on the hand

Use the boxes provided at the doors for the plate collection and parish envelopes.


Everyone is invited. A Synod has been called by Pope Francis in order to listen to the living voice of the entire People of God. Everyone has their own experience of following Christ, parents, parents with young families, grandparents, young people who are working, in school or college, those married or single. Whether you feel distant or close to what is happening in your parish, you are invited to join in discussion and prayer to discern where the Spirit is leading the Church.

This will be happening in every parish in the world. People from the 7 parishes in our area will meet in Kilbeggan Parish Centre, Harbour Road Kilbeggan., N91 Y009 for four Tuesdays in March at 8.00pm You are welcome to come on a night which suits you, but in an attempt to spread the attendance, we have this flexible structure.

Tuesday 8th March (8PM) - those involved in the liturgical life of the parishes. Readers, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, choir members, organists, stewards/collectors, sacristans, etc

Tuesday 15th  March (8PM) -  those involved in the administration of parish life parish staff, members of Parish Pastoral Councils, members of Parish Finance, Committees, members of Baptism Teams Safeguarding Representatives, counters, those involved in prayer and apostolic groups, Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Legion of Mary, Pioneer Association, Apostolate of Eucharistic Adoration, Teams of Our Lady, Meals-on-Wheels,

Tuesday 22nd March (8PM)-  those involved in schools, pupils/students, teachers and school, staff, members of parents’ association, members of BOMs, those involved in youth organisations and sports groups, young people and parents of children and teenagers. 

29th March (8PM) - Mass of thanksgiving


WORLD DAY OF PRAYER: Friday 4th March 7.30pm St. Catherine’s Hophill


Jesus steps into the lives of the disciples to make them agents of God’s presence in the world (cf. Lk 5:1-11).  Peter is dejected because the fishermen’s work produced no catch.  At the word of Christ, their nets fill to breaking point. Peter had put his faith in this “Master” that spoke with authority.  He says, “At your word, I will let down the nets” (Lk 5:5).  After the miracle, he calls him “Lord.”  This calling of the disciples tells us that the Lord asks every vocation to the Priesthood to fill the nets of the Church with souls who know him.  He asks us to put out into the deep and place our faith in him.  Like Peter we do not have to be perfect but place our trust in his will.


Our Parish Collection envelopes are now being prepared for delivery to our parishioners who so kindly contribute to the upkeep of the Parish during the year.  If you have not received envelopes previously and would like to do so, please contact the Parish Centre or the Sacristy.


Click  for the full list of Mass Intentions to be celebrated this week.


The Parish Centre will reopen in two phases:

Phase 1   Monday 31/1/2021   All Choirs

Phase 2   Monday 28/2/2022   All other Groups

Please contact the Parish Centre to book a room at 0579321587.

The Centre will close at 9:00 pm Monday to Friday.


A Pilgrimage from Meath Diocese to the Holy Land led by Bishop of Meath Tom Deenihan, Price: €1,875.00 pps(half board). Details from GTI Travel (01) 843 4734.


(LUKE 6:27-38)

Our natural tendency when attacked is to self-protect, and when we are attacked, we attack back.  We respond to an angry word with another or to a blow by hitting back.  Here Jesus suggests that at times there may be another way to act.  What has been your reaction to retaliation?  Has it been life-giving?  Have you experience of another way of acting?

When we do good to another, it can sometimes be in return for what we have received.  At other times it can be done in the hope of getting something back. Or we may do it simply for the sake of doing good without any strings attached.  Jesus suggests that this is when we are at our best.  Recall your experience of these different ways of giving and celebrate the occasions when you gave without expectation of return.

Jesus proposes the generosity of God as a model for our generosity, and says that the generous will be rewarded.   Perhaps you have experienced rewards, even in this life, from generous behaviour.

John Byrne OSA Intercom February 2022


BAPTISM: Please contact the parish secretary. Baptisms take place monthly on the first Sunday in Tullamore, second Sunday in Durrow, third and fourth Saturday in Tullamore.

CONFESSIONS: Saturday 2.00-3.00pm in the Day Chapel.

SACRAMENT OF MARRIAGE: To book the Church for weddings, contact the Parish Secretary at least three months in advance.  All couples getting married must complete a pre-marriage course.  Contact ACCORD 0579341831 or www.accord.ie.  ACCORD also providecouple and relationship counseling In-Person and Online in Tullamore.  Phone 057 9341831 or 0864669926 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Are you interested in expanding your horizons? Do you want to build your mental & physical health, set goals and develop a life plan? Then join us for the new MenPower Programme beginning February 9, two days per week for 12 weeks.

Participation on this programme is free and will not affect social welfare benefits. For more information please contact Aoife on 087-7385989 or via email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


A Support line for older people Ph. 0818 222024 is available 8:00am. - 8:00pm. daily.


MABS ( a free, confidential service forople who have problems with money management): Nationl Helpline 0761072000 Mon - Fri 9:00 am to 8:00 pm  


Shalom World is a 24/7 commercial free Catholic television network for the whole family. Use the floating link to access the live "Shalom Media Gallery" or click on the icon on the right to find out more about Shalom World Ministries.

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