13 July 2020

Presentation Convent in Killina to Close in August

A Special Mass will be celebrated in Rahan parish on Sunday, July 7th. when the people join together to say a very big 'Thank You', to the Presentation Sisters in Killina.

It is all of 202 years since the first two nuns arrived by canal to set up a school and convent in Killina. In the many decades since, generations of students - not just from Rahan parish, but from all surrounding districts - have received a fine and dedicated education from many members of the Presentation Order.

All of the Sisters took great pride in their pupils' success and indeed in their careers following their schooldays.

Unfortunately, a decision has been made to close Killina Convent and for the remaining Sisters to move to other locations.

And so, a hard-working committee has been meeting for many weeks to put in place plans to honour the service given by the Presentation Nuns over two centuries.

The special Mass will take place at 3:00 p.m. in St Carthage's Church, Killina, just beside the Convent. Many clergy have announced their intentions to be at this Mass and the Bishop of Meath, Tom Deenihan, will be the main celebrant. The former Bishop of Meath, Michael Smith, will also attend.

Suitably-worded commemoration plaques are being erected in the 'Nun's Aisle' in Killina Church and beside the Nun's Cemetery outside the church.

Also, an inscribed Stone is being put in place at the jetty on the Grand Canal, across the road from the Thatch pub. This is close to where the first two nuns arrived, in 1817.

Following the Mass, refreshments will be provided for everyone in the Presentation Secondary School. The organising committee is inviting everyone to Killina for this special afternoon.

Many former pupils are expected to attend on the day and a marquee will be in place to cater for what is certain to be a huge turn-out.

Meanwhile all homes in the parish are asked to display flags and bunting to honour the occasion.

(Courtesy Tullamore Tribune)