14 July 2020

On Mature Recollection

Since retiring from the building trade, and before that, farming, Paddy Finlay from Daingean Road has led a very "active retirement".  His achievements include compiling local history, restoring "The Bracklin Way" and volunteering for the Niall Mellon building blitz in Africa. Paddy's latest achievement is the publication of his book "On Mature Recollection", a collection of memories and pictures from his childhood, at the O.H.A.S. on Fri. 14th. Dec. 2018. 

The Book is available from most locai shops and will be of great interest to all Offaly and Westmeath people in particular.

The Book

 Paddy's Book


PFBL18 01

 The Author, Paddy Finlay, and his wife Jennie


PFBL18 02

 David Plunkett reading from Paddy's book at the launch


PFBL18 03

 Patrick Daly reading from Paddy's book at the launch

PFBL18 04

 Tom Finlay & Bill Boland

PFBL18 05

 Paul Finlay and P.V. Dunne


PFBL18 06

 Pat Minnock, John MacDonald, Michael MacDonald and Shay Bracken