31 May 2020

The National Ploughing Championships 2018

 These pictures were taken on Tuesday before the destruction of Storm "Ali".

Ploughing 01

 The Roscommon competitor about to begin

Ploughing 02

Competitor from West Cork making adjustments to his plough 


Ploughing 03

The Kildare team  


Ploughing 05

Ploughing 06

 Making sure everything is in order

Ploughing 07

Ploughing 08

 Wexford was represented by Thomas Devereux

Ploughing 09

Ploughing 10

Ploughing 11

 Could this be Mayo's All Ireland?

Ploughing 12

 Some views of the large attendance on Tuesday

Ploughing 13

Ploughing 14

Ploughing 16

 Singing and Dancing in the performance arena

Ploughing 17

Ploughing 18

Ploughing 19

Ploughing 21

Bernadette Dunne provided the information on TASK Community Care 

Ploughing 22

 Some of the magnificent farm machinery on display

Ploughing 24

Ploughing 23

 This man could be a competitor next year so he's making sure he will have a good plough

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