10 August 2020


Tullamore Parish recently played host to 6 young members of the NET (National Evangelisation Team) Ministries. These young men and women addressed the congregation at evening Mass and described what it is like for them to be a young christian in today's world. They also provided the music and singing for the Mass and afterwards spent some time meeting members of the congregation before leaving for Clonmacnoise. During their time here, the team has travelled to 30 of the 32 counties mostly delivering retreats to secondary school students. 

NET 01

Zach Beach (California)

NET 02

 Colleen Kinninger (Ohio)

NET 04

 Fiona Meagher(Canada)

NET 05

 Daniel Wack (Canada)

NET 06

Teresa Chevarie (Canada)

NET 07

NET 08

NET 09

 Teresa Chevarie chats to Mary Hayden


NET 10

Michael Currams chats to Declan Morris (Kildare)