10 August 2020


On 31 December 2015 we had a parish debt of €973,806.  Our aim was to reduce this below €700,000 during the year.  We are pleased to report that we have achieved this reduction in the debt.  We have been able to reduce our debt by €275,098. The parish debt on 31 December 2016 is €698,708. 

This is a big achievement.  Our collections have improved, our fundraising events were well supported and we have been able to reduce our expenditure and continue to run and maintain and develop our parish.  Our main sources of income are Church Plate Collection, Envelope Collection and Offerings.

We depend on these collections. This is our basic income.  This is how we run the parish and pay our bills.  Even a small increase in these collections on a regular basis will make a significant difference. 

During the year we also run fundraising events.  We acknowledge the support you give these events, the support of business and sponsors in the town and the hard work of the fundraising committee.

We have a large and vibrant Parish that we can be proud of. Servicing our debt continues to be a big challenge.  We have made solid progress during the past year and this is a great encouragement to all of us.

We thank you for your support and generosity. 

The Parish Finance Committee