29 November 2020


People from all over the midlands filled the church to capacity on Wednesday evening to participate in the Mass which had been arranged to mark the retirement of Doctor Kyran Bulger who has spent 15 years at the head of the Oncology Unit of Tullamore General Hospital. The mass was celebrated by Father Shane Crombie C.C. while the music and hymns were provided by Shalom Choir and Ciaran Gilligan. Patients, families and friends not only attended, but also took an active part by participating in readings, singing and offertory procession. Prayers were offered in special remembrance of those who had died. 

At the end of mass well-wishers lined up for almost an hour to offer kind words and good wishes to Doctor Bulger before adjourning to the Parish Centre for refreshments.

KB17 01

One of the hundreds of people who wished Dr. Bulger well on his retirement.

KB17 02

Margaret Carruthers, Kyran & Rose Bulger.

KB17 03

Rose Bulger

KB17 04

Kyran Bulger; Paddy Bracken.

KB17 05

Kyran Bulger, Veronica Sweeney

KB17 06

KB17 07

KB17 08

KB17 09

KB17 10

Kyran Bulger; Joe O'Brien.

KB17 11

Gillian & Peter Redmond.

KB17 12

Liz Meade

KB17 14

Gerry & Meave Clifford; Fr. Luke.

KB17 15

Mary Daly; Claire O'Dea; Rosemary Bracken; Frances Daly.

KB17 16

KB17 17

Margaret Dunne; Catherine Dolan.

KB17 20

KB17 21