10 August 2020


What if a day comes when you are unable to make decisions for yourself?

What if you are suddenly taken ill, are involved in an accident or lose your ability to think clearly or independently?

Do your closest family members or friends really know your wishes?


The purpose of Think Ahead is to guide members of the public in discussing and recording their preferences in the event of emergency, serious illness or death.  

The Think Ahead form is a planning document for use by adults who are well. It aims to guide you in thinking about, discussing, and recording your preferences regarding all aspects of end of life.

It encourages you to ensure that those closest to you are aware of these preferences so that, should a time come when you are unable to express them yourself, your wishes will be clear to those caring for you or managing your affairs.

The Booklet

There is no obligation to fill out the complete form; it is entirely voluntary and you should only fill out those sections you are comfortable with. The most important information you can provide includes details about your identity (name, address etc.) and who you would like contacted in the event of an emergency. If you do wish to fill out the entire form, we encourage you not to fill it all out at once. Instead, take your time and complete it over several sittings.

Medical care is a very personal thing. Our preferences are shaped by our individual beliefs and values. Unless you expressly record

your care preferences, your family members or clinicians will not know your wishes, and disagreements may occur. YOU can provide guidance by 'Thinking Ahead' and Section 2 of this form focuses on your medical care preferences.

Your GP or treating doctor will obviously be central to your care. We encourage you to discuss your care preferences with them. However, in an emergency situation, the doctor treating you may be completely unfamiliar with you, or your care preferences. In those situations, an express record of your wishes can be very useful.

Finally there are many different factors, such as age and illness, that can change your preferences over time. Regular updating of your wishes is important if they are to be useful in the event of a medical emergency or life limiting illness. For that reason, we encourage you to view this form as a living document that can change to reflect your preferences. Therefore, you should review your Think Ahead form either annually, or as often as is appropriate for you.

Sample page from the form:-

Emergency Summary 

If you find this form helpful, please tell others about it. If you would like to support the work of Think Ahead, text TA to 50300 to donate €4.

100% of text cost goes to Think Ahead across most network providers. Some providers apply VAT which means a minimum of €3.26 will go to Think Ahead. Service provider LIKECHARITY 014433890