10 August 2020

Our thanks to the organisers of Durrow Community Walking Track for kindly allowing us to take photographs of the blessing and official opening. Continue below for the regulations governing the use of the track and for contact information or click the following links for photographs:

Pictures from the opening Page 1

Pictures from the opening Page 2

Durrow Community Walking Track Regulations

1. Use of the Walking Track is confined to Members only. The Committee reserves the right to refuse any person entry onto the premises.

2. Use of the walking track may be restricted while matches are in progress and the Committee reserves the right to temporarily close the walking track at its own discretion.

3. The Occupiers Liability Act applies to all users of the Durrow GAA facilities and the walking track.

4. OPENING HOURS: The Walking Track will be floodlit until 9pm during winter and will be open until dusk during the summer months.

5. Vehicles are parked on the property at all times at the owner's sole risk in all respects. Durrow GAA accepts no liability for any accident, loss or damage to persons, vehicles, accessories or contents. The placing of a vehicle in the car park shall be deemed to be unqualified acceptance of these conditions.

6. PERSONAL BELONGINGS - Members are responsible for their own belongings and valuables should not be left unattended on the club Property. Durrow GAA ccepts no responsibility for personal items left on the property

7. Strictly No Dogs allowed on the club grounds or on the Walking Track.

8. Persons using the Walking Track should remain Alert particularly when the playing fields are in use

9. Children must be accompanied and supervised.

10. Property Damage and Health and Safety concerns should be reported to a member of the Committee - see contact details below

11. The following are not permitted: Bringing of alcohol onto the club property; Bringing into the ground of fireworks, smoke cannisters, bottles, glasses, cans, flags, banners, poles, laser pointers and other similar articles or containers, including anything that may be used as a weapon

Excessive noise such as that from the use of radio sets or other appliances and behaviour likely to cause confusion or nuisance of any kind including foul or abusive language


Freda Ward:    087 9289830                      Yvonne Kinnarney:      086 7958001

Kevin Ward:     086 8269479                        Tom McDermott:        087 2548752