05 December 2020

Photos from Conor McGee's Ordination

Tullamore Parish Celebrates As Conor McGee Is Ordained To The Priesthood

(Camilla McLoughlin Tullamore Tribune 23rd. June 2016)

BISHOP Michael Smith welcomed the newest priest to the Diocese of Meath on Sunday last, 19 June when Fr Conor McGee was ordained in Tullamore parish.

A native of Sandyford, Co. Dublin, Fr McGeeis mother Anne was originally from Tullamore where the new priest will now spend the summer months before receiving his first appoint-ment in the Diocese of Meath.

Among those in atten-dance at the ordination were Fr McGeeis sisters and their families, as well as forty priests from Meath, Dublin and elsewhere. His sisters Ursula OiDwyer and Christine McGee presented the chalice and paten to the Bishop, while Sr Brid Geraghty and Fr Jack Finnegan vested Fr McGee in his priestly vestments during the ceremony.

Bishop Smith paid tribute to Fr McGee for his gen-erosity and faith in follow-ing his vocation. 'It takes huge courage to give your life today as a priest', the Bishop said. 'Ms a really radical statement, being willing to put serving peo-ple and the service of God at the centre of your life'.

He said Fr McGee is a lit¬tle bit older than usual, having had a late vocation. However he said he is not the oldest and he recalled a man in his 70s entering the priesthood in Rome.

He spoke of Fr Conor's late mother Ann who at the age of 100 accompanied him to Maynooth on the day he entered. He joked that she wanted to make sure he was going to go in. Bishop Smith said she would be immensely proud of her son today.

The moving' ceremony was accompanied by some beautiful music by the parish choir under the direction of Garan Gilligan with soloists and musicians enhancing the ceremony.

Fr McGee began his stud-ies for the priesthood at St Patrickis College, Maynooth in 2010. The seminary was represented at the ordination by Fr Paul Prior, Dean of Formation.

The new priest thanked all who guided him along the path to priesthood, iln par-ticular, I want to acknowl-edge the generosity of Bishop Michael Smith, who made this possible for me when he opened the door and accepted me as a candi¬date and he has supported me throughout my semi¬nary years,' Fr McGee said.

Fr McGee celebrated his First Mass in the Church of the Assumption, Tullamore on Monday 20 June at 6.30pm and a reception for the parish took place after-wards in the parish centre.