15 August 2020


Lectio Divina means divine reading and describes a way of reading the Scriptures whereby we gradually let go of our own agenda and open ourselves to what God wants to say to us.  In the 12th century a Carthusian monk called Guigo, described the stages which he saw as essential to the practice of Lectio Divina.  There are various ways of practicing, either individually or in groups but Guigo’s description remains fundamental.  He said that the first stage is Lectio (reading); the second stage is meditation (reflection); the third stage is oratio (response).  The final stage is contemplation (rest) where we let go not only of our own ideas, plans and meditations but also of our holy words and thoughts.  We simply rest in the Word of God.  These stages of Lectio Divina are not fixed rules of procedure but simply guidelines as to how the prayer normally develops.
We plan to run Lectio Divina after 10.00am Mass on the Tuesdays during Advent in the Day Chapel.  All are welcome.