29 September 2020

Tullamore Parish Takes Initiative To Attract New Industry To Tullamore

(Camilla McLoughlin reports for the Tullamore Tribune.)

The Tullamore Parish Administrator and priests of the parish have decided to roll up their sleeves and take the initiative in an effort to attract new industry to Tullamore.

Mr Tom Whelan, Fr Shane Crombie, retired parish priest Fr Sean Heaney and Fr Kevin Fleming, have sent out over 50 letters to parishes in the US, inviting entrepreneurs to consider setting up business in Tullamore.

The enterprising group began the project in 2013 following a successful event to coincide with The Gathering, during which the parish invited emigrants back to Tullamore for the annual Cemetery Sunday.

In the wake of this, Mr Whelan, and Fr Shane, were invited to an evening in the town council, where they heard a speaker from Connect Ireland, encouraging individuals to make connections with the Irish Diaspora and invite them to Ireland to establish industries.

'Both of us looked at one another at the same time and thought that's some-thing we could get involved with', said Mr Whelan.

'We wrote to parishes in California and Boston. Fr Kevin had spent time in Chicago and he thought it would be a good idea to contact colleagues back there and get the church and the Irish community involved.'

'As of yet, there have been no bites, but Fr Kearney in

Boston is very interested and has told us he will speak to a few people.

"There are 70,000 parishes in America, but there is always a chance that one person will be interested', Mr Whelan added.

The letter highlights what Tullamore has to offer, and describes the town as a 'centre of operations for international companies such as Sennheiser and Covidien.

It explains that the town is uniquely located at the very heart of Ireland just 64 miles from Dublin Airport and is served by an excel-lent public transport system

It concludes by saying:

'As a Catholic community, Tullamore parish plays a significant role in the life of this town and we wish to positively contribute to the rebuilding of our local economy. With our partners in Connect Ireland every assistance possible is at your disposal to assist you in establishing a business base in Tullamore. The letter is signed by Fr Joe Gallagher, PP.

Connect Ireland offers an opportunity to any person to make contact with individuals abroad who could be encouraged to come to Ireland to set up a business. Their website states: 'If you know or learn through one of your contacts, of a company that is considering expansion, simply let us know. We will contact the company and speak with the decision maker there in order to set up a meeting and explain the benefits of locating in Ireland.'

(Article reproduced with permission from 'Tullamore Tribune')