18 January 2021

Easter Greetings 2012 from Seán Heaney P.P.


I take this opportunity to wish all a very happy Easter.  Over the six weeks of Lent we have seen a wonderful dedication by many people to attendance at daily Mass.  I am sure your effort will be rewarded with a greater understanding of the meaning of Easter.  We, your parish Clergy are edified by your example, and for that we thank you.
In the period after Easter we look forward to Confirmation on April 28th, and again we thank all parents for their sharing in the work of preparing our young people for Confirmation.  First Communion will follow during the Sundays of May, and we all know the special place this has in everybody’s life.  The good work of preparation by all will be a great help in making First Communion a great experience and a great memory for our young people.  These Sacraments of Confirmation and First Communion will lead us into the Eucharistic Congress in Dublin at the beginning of June.  It is wonderful that we have living in the Parish, people who remember the last Congress in 1932, and we wish them continued health and prosperity.  This Congress is our opportunity to make our own piece of history by using the Congress as an occasion to deepen our understanding of the Eucharist, and our Faith in it.  In the period after Easter we will afford everyone an opportunity to attend some sessions of the Congress during the week leading to the Congress Mass in Croke Park.  We will also continue with our plans for a Special Mass in O’Connor Park on the evening of Saturday 9th. June.  The purpose of this Mass is to allow the many who cannot attend Croke Park to share in the Congress at a local level.
Finally, I welcome our new Parish Bulletin which you receive for the first time this weekend.  I hope you will like it, and find it “user-friendly”, which seems to be the yardstick which is nowadays applied to most things.  As we told you last week, it is presented in its new format for a trial period of six weeks.  We are confident that it will be well received.
Again I wish all a happy and joyous Easter.
Sean Heaney, P.P.