24 January 2021




Our Church was reconstructed and dedicated 25 years ago at this time.  We are happy to celebrate this landmark in the story of our Parish Church, and we hope all our parishioners will share in our celebration.


On the evening of Saturday 20th August we will celebrate Vigil Mass in each of the venues that served as Mass Centres during the period of the rebuilding of the Church.  So there will be four Vigil Masses as follows:


Tullamore College, 6.00pm

Tullamore Harriers, 7.00pm

Tullamore GAA Centre, 8.00pm

St Mary’s Parish Centre, 9.00pm


There will be no 7.30pm Mass in the Church.


These celebrations are intended as an appreciation to the groups who made their centres available at our time of need.  It will also enable many to recall the days of not having a Church in Tullamore and highlight our appreciation of the beautiful church we now have.


To mark the 25th Anniversary of the Church of the Assumption, Bishop Michael Smith will celebrate Mass on Sunday 28th August at 1.00pm.  The preacher at the Mass will be Dr Colm O'Reilly, Bishop of Ardagh and Clonmacnoise.  Bishop Colm preached at the opening of the Church in 1986.  During the Mass a special presentation will be made to the people of the parish of Longford town. Their Cathedral church was destroyed by fire on Christmas Eve 2009.  The Mass will also mark the beginning of the Year of Faith.


At the conclusion of our Mass on 28th, we have plans in place for a Street Party at St Brigid’s Place.  The party will consist of refreshments and music from Tullamore Town Band and other groups.  We hope all will feel welcome to join in the celebrations.

For the celebration of the 1.00pm Mass on Sunday 28th, a number of small changes will be noticed in the Church.  The repainting of the Church has been completed and we are planning to cover the radiators so as to prevent heat fumes disfiguring the walls of the Church in future.  We are also installing a permanent choir stand where the pulpit now stands and a new sanctuary lamp will be placed in the centre of the Church, in front of the Tabernacle.  We hope these small changes will be seen as welcome improvements to the Church.