28 January 2021
Beginning Season of Lent


Wednesday 25th February marks the beginning of the Season of Lent.  Ash Wednesday is a day for new beginnings: for taking Ashes on our foreheads as a pledge of our intention to do penance during Lent; for “giving up” things such as cigarettes, alcohol, etc; for taking on new tasks such as attending weekday Mass, praying with the family, supporting needy people in this world.

Even though we are no longer bound by Church law to do any act of penance such as fasting, we are invited to imitate the example of our Lord to give time during these forty days to prayer and fasting.

We are invited to look more closely at our own lives and to consider how we can better know the Lord and know ourselves.  Our focus should be on coming to know the mind of Jesus better and to find joy and hope in our new-found knowledge.

This year we again offer you a simple brochure outlining what we can do during Lent.  We ask you to take a copy as you leave Mass.  Today, we offer a Lenten Candle for sale in the Parish Religious Goods Shop.  With the candle we give a card containing a few basic prayers that the family can say together each day.  We encourage you to buy a candle and prayer card and to use it during this season.

We ask you to see Lent as an opportunity to grow closer to our Lord and to find greater peace and joy in our lives.