27 January 2021
Vocation of Religious Sisters.

The month of February 2009 has been designated for the promotion of awareness and interest in the Vocation of Religious Sisters.
Tullamore is privileged to have three groups of Religious Sisters
who are actively involved in our parish community. 

Sisters of Mercy , Store Street, have been involved in education,
health care, youth work and parish pastoral duties over the years
since they came to Tullamore in 1836.  The Mercy Congregation
was founded by Catherine McAuley in Dublin in 1834, to serve those in need.   www. sistersofmercy.ie

Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament, High Street,  opened the
Marian Hostel in 1954, to provide accommodation for young women
working in the town, a mission that continues today. 
The Congregation was founded by Blessed Peter Vigne in France in 1715. 
The first Sisters were committed to prayer, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, and the instruction of young children.  www.katharinedrexel.org

Holy Family Sisters , Arden Road, are largely a retired community
whose main ministry is prayer.  They belong to an international
congregation founded by St.Emilie de Rodat in France. At present the community in Tullamore have a novice, Pelma from Goa, who is preparing
to be a religious sister.  She has come to experience community life,
and she also helps with the Youth Club and in two local schools. 
Pelma would dearly love to have a novice companion or two.  

 On this feast day of St Bridget, we pray that young women will be
inspired to follow in her footsteps and respond to the call of Jesus to
life in the service of the Lord. 

The Sisters would welcome young people who may be interested in
finding out more about religious life to contact them: 
Sisters of Mercy:  9321221; Holy Family Sisters: 9321577;
Blessed Sacrament Sisters: 93 51371.