27 January 2021
Colaiste Choilm Week 9

The Modern Christmas  

Christmas Wish List


By Stephen Lynam

St Mary’s Youth Centre’s annual musical took place on the 27th, 28th and 29th of September. This year “Godspell” was our musical.

Godspell was directed by Sr. Jenny, Marie White and Mary Kelly. It was held in St Mary’s Youth centre. Sr. Jenny, Marie White and Mary gave up their time to produce this show. They did it for free, just for us.

Godspell is about different parables in the bible including the Prodigal Son, the Good Samaritan and the crucifixion of Jesus.

The cast loved it and would like to do it again, for even a day. We’ve lots of memories from it and we grew to become good friends. Most of us miss it.
It won’t be the same next year because the cast will be bigger. We had a small cast this year because when people heard it was Godspell they thought it would be boring. When the usual cast members saw it, most of them wished they had taken part.
Overall, we had three great shows and we all had great fun.

We got good reviews and it was one of the best shows we have ever done.

The Modern Christmas

By John Mahon

The Modern Christmas is the one in the heads of the youth. Seven out of ten students believe Christmas is all about getting presents and that is what it has become.

Christmas is at its core about the birth of Jesus. True, it has its faults but every family gathering does. Families bicker and squabble and somehow the importance of the day is lost. With all the commercialism it seems that Christmas is all about this phenomenal Santa. Every Christmas is the same, Fifa and PES come out, Xtra Vision stick up some vulgar advertisement with Santa’s, sleighs and snowmen and suddenly sales skyrocket.
At the mere mention of Santa little kids start salivating. Pulses quicken, vision narrows and the new Smiths advertisements pulses in their brain. ‘ I want , I want ‘ forms on their lips and suddenly your wallet gets a whole lot lighter. Money can be tight at this time of year, when festive spirit comes in a box.

Just under half of my class has already put up decorations by the ninth. One third have gifts bought three weeks in advance. The topic of presents is the lifeblood of conversation. Not one mention of the birth of our lord, or helping around the house. Instead of spreading good cheer, the festive season brings dread to the hearts of many parents. This Christmas should be celebrated as a religious, not commercial festival, as the 25th comes closer remember that Santa isn’t in the Holy Trinity.

   Christmas Wish List

Seamus Allen 

Our class did a survey about the most wanted Christmas presents this year. Our top five were:  1. Playstation 3
  2. Xbox 360
  3. Playstation Portable
  4. Phone
  5. Money
Our class also did a survey about things you can do for others this Christmas. Our top five were:  1. Help out at Home
  2. Give money to Charity
  3. Visit friends and family
  4. Try hard to do well at school
  5. Try to say hello to someone
Our top five presents cost a lot of money but our top five things to do for someone cost very little and are just as effective. A visit from family or friends can make someone as happy as giving them a Playstation 3. Giving money to charity can help people that don’t have as many opportunities as you, like an education, and you don’t have to give a lot for it to help. Saying hello to a person on the street can cheer them up. At home your parents do a lot for you. At Christmas try and help any way you can, like clean up after dinner or looking after your brothers and sisters.

Material presents will often be
forgotten but a smile or a kind
 word will never fade away.


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