17 January 2021
Colaiste Choilm Week 7

Morning Assembly



Religion Journal

By Colm Gleeson

Some of my classmates and I did a journal/project for our Junior Cert. We focused on places of religious importance in Ireland. Our group in particular focused on Croagh Patrick. We got our information from the internet and we also interviewed people. What I found most interesting was that thousands of people climb the mountain barefoot to show devotion and belief in God. There is one particular day on each year called Reek Sunday when thousands make the journey. When they reach the top, mass is said in a small church that was built there in the early 1900’s. There is a statue at the top of the mountain. This makes it special for those people who cannot make the trip to the mountain. I think it is an important place for Christians as one of Ireland’s great patrons, St. Patrick, lasted on this mountain for 40 days without food.

Morning Assembly

In Colaiste Choilm school every morning is started with assembly. The assembly includes a prayer, notices, announcements and news concerning the school and its students. The start of every day begins with a prayer. I feel this is very important, because it is the only part of the day when all the students in the school are joined together in one thing: prayer.
Mr Roddy, the school principal has a different reflection prayer every two days and for the other days he says a formal prayer such as a ‘Hail Mary’ or ‘Our Father’. If Mr Roddy is unavailable another teacher will take his place.
I think that even people from different religious beliefs and backgrounds can also reflect upon their thoughts during the prayer. Nobody is left out. The reflection prayers in the morning also give many students’ hopes and encouragement for the coming day. I personally think that the prayers of assembly are what give some people the motivation to work hard and be the best they can for the day ahead.


by Derry Quinn

Advent is a season of the Liturgical year, in which Christmas anticipate the coming of the Christ in the season of Christmas. Advent lasts for the four weeks leading up to Christmas, and there are many traditions associated with it.
During Advent in our Church, our School and some of our houses an Advent wreath is placed on show. The Advent wreath consists of a ring of candles, with one being lit each week, and the last, fifth one being lit on Christmas Day.
Advent calendars have, in recent years, become a commercial tradition, being bought by parents for their children each year, blurring the message Advent, which we must remember is to show our love for everyone by displaying tolerance and generosity to them

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