30 November 2020
Colaiste Choilm Week 5


 What it means to be Catholic 



Social Work

by Declan Hogan

Social Work involves helping our community in any way we can. Students in T.Y spend the first six classes on a Thursday helping the community in different ways. I am attending a Primary school in Tullamore where I am asked to help children with disabilities. Other students in Transition Year are attending nursing homes, where they work with the elderly and keep them company. Another group of Transition year students are working with children with special needs at the Offaly School of Special Education where they are also asked to work and help children with special needs.
In the Primary school I am asked to help the children with reading and writing and also by playing with them in the yard. I feel that going to Primary schools and helping out these children is a very effective way of helping the community and is definitely worth it.


What it means to be Catholic

by James Doyle

I think being catholic in Ireland is a form of identify which I relate to but don’t fully understand.
This form of identify is the most common in the world and links us with people across most countries. But Catholicism is constantly changing as today being a catholic is very different to being a catholic in past generations and I anticipate that it will be different for future generations.
Today many young Catholic’s have less respect and understanding for their religion compared to the past.
The younger generation don’t depend on it like their parents and grandparents did. They use materialism instead and find their answers through this and to a lesser extent Catholicism.
We believe this because some of the youth don’t attend Mass or openly pray like their ancestors, but they may have their own closer personal relationship with God.
I am quite sure that in the future greater links will be made between Catholics and God.
I envisage that times will get tough and people will turn from materialism to their religion. This is because they wont be able to shall I say ‘’afford’’ materialism.
They will find out that God is for free.

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