30 November 2020
Colaiste Choilm Week 4

First Year Retreat

First Year Mass

All Saints Day

All Saints' Day (also known as All Hallows' Day or Hallowmas) is the day after All Hallows' Eve (Halloween). It is a feast day celebrated on November 1st by Anglicans and Roman Catholics.
It is an opportunity for followers to remember all saints and martyrs throughout Christian history. As part of this day of obligation, followers are required to attend church and try not to do any servile work.
Remembering saints and martyrs and dedicating a specific day to them each year has been a Christian tradition since the 4th century AD, but it wasn't until 609AD that Pope Boniface IV designated May 13th to remember all martyrs. Over 200 years later, in 837AD, Pope Gregory IV extended the festival to remember all the saints and designated November 1st as the date.

First Year Retreat

When we started the retreat we were shown a small video about a Chinese woman who walked 6 miles to a well for water. She would bring 2 pots to carry the water, but one of the pots had a crack in it. The pot was so disappointed with itself because it would bring back half a pot of water. After 2 years the pot told the Chinese woman about its problem. The woman then said to the pot “Did you not notice that on your side of the path there were beautiful flowers that I planted. Now I can decorate my house with them”. The pot then realised the good job it was doing.
From this we know although we have flaws, sometimes flaws can be put to good use.
After this we did a relaxing meditation. We meditated about being on a beach and Jesus came to us. We then confessed our sins to Jesus. We danced and listened to music. It was hilarious. We then had sweets and drinks. The retreat was great fun.

By Declan Byrne


First Year Mass

On the ninth of October of this year our first year mass was held. The reason behind the mass was to invite parents, teachers, cairde's and first years to celebrate the beginning of life at the school.The theme of the mass was gifts. The mass included the first reading on the "Ocean Fish", and the second reading was "the house built on good foundation". All the first year classes were involved in the preperation and the mass itself. The gym was well decorated and very colourful. We made posters. In art class the first years were asked to draw a gift and write a paragraph why you believed it was a gift.
Great preperation went into music. We all enjoyed taking part in the mass because the atmosphere was very good. To conclude the night tea and biscuits were served to all.
By James Lalor

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