30 November 2020
Colaiste Choilm Week 3

Hair- cut

Religion as an exam subject


Face Up Magazine
by Stuart Grehan

One magazine that really concern’s young teenagers and young adults is the Face Up Magazine published by Redemptorist once a month.

The Magazine contains stories and articles on how teenagers should deal with problems. They also tell the readers that people who have these problems can be helped. Many people have problems at home, in school or with friends. There are also articles dealing with sport, music and health.
I like this magazine as it gives good advice and is easy to read. It is very colourful and appeals to young people.



by Anthony Connolly

A boy called Rory Cloonan decided to cut his hair for charity. He knows a girl whose mother has cancer and she asked him to cut his hair for this good cause and he gladly said that he would.
Rory spoke on Ireland AM about what he did and why he did it. Rory looked for sponsorship and collected a large amount. Thank you to everyone who gave money for this worthy cause.





Religion as an Exam Subject

By Brendan Bracken

This is a three year course in our school and only applies to Junior Cert students. It is a long course and a lot of work is involved.

Students are marked on a written exam and on a journal. The journal is completed in booklet form. The department of Education send out a choice of topics from which the students must select one to base their journal on. I studied a topic and then wrote about it in the journal. The topic was “The effect the resurrection had on us as followers”. The journal is handed up weeks before the written exam is done. It is marked and then the totals are added to make the final result.

R.E is not on the course for the Leaving Cert in our school which I think is unfortunate because I know many students would love to do it.


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