23 January 2021
Colaiste Choilm Week 2

Shoe Box Appeal

Tullamore Mission




Helps People In The Developing World

Recently a man, named Ronan Scully, from the charity GOAL visited our school Colaiste Choilm. He gave us a presentation outlining the work involved in committing yourself to a life of helping others. He had worked in several countries in Africa and Asia for over 20 years.
With the aid of pictures and a D.V.D he described the hardship and challenges some people must face every day of their lives. This was a real eye opener for us. He also mentioned that the time he had spent doing charity work was the most personally rewarding time of his life.

By Aonghus O’Donovan


Shoe Box Appeal   

This year Samaritans purse are celebrating 10 years of helping the not so well off people in 10 different countries, Armenia, Belarus, Burundi, Croatia, Lesotho, Moldova, Mozambique, Romania, Swaziland, and Ukraine. Your generosity will go to one or more of these countries. Your contribution will not go unnoticed. Jesus will know what your doing and will reward you.
Like everyone, children in these countries love Christmas and that’s all because of you. Your help is vital for these children’s happiness. So please if you have anything at home (in good condition) or if you want to buy something, put it in a wrapped shoebox, put the sticker (boy or girl) on top and send it to a school collecting or any other collecting point, e.g. Curves.

Your help gives hope to a child which is the best thing that you can give apart from love. By helping these Children it lets them know that someone out there, apart from their parents or God, loves them! If you would like to give any extra donation, brochures are available at most schools and there is an envelope at the back of the brochure that contains the information.
Any extra information can be found in the brochure or on the website http://www.samaritanspurse.org/.
All boxes need to be ready by 11th November.

Kenneth Poland

Tullamore Mission 

I would like to tell you about the Mission that was in Tullamore two weeks ago. The Mission had many speakers who spoke about how God had changed their lives. One speaker was a man called John Pridmore. He was born in London and became involved in a life of crime and violence. He was a mobster who committed terrible crimes. However, at one of the worst stages of his life he found God and this changed everything for him. He no longer wanted to live a life of crime and turned away from corruption and greed.

I think this is an inspirational story. It is hard to imagine how someone as tough as this could change his life around.
I was very interested in what John Pridmore had to say and you could have heard a pin drop in the church as people listened to his every word.
I am really glad that the people in this parish got the opportunity to hear about how God can change a person’s life.

Thank you to the parish for organising this.

By Emmet Bracken


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