22 January 2021
Parish Finance 2007:

Tullamore Parish

Thank You

Sincere thanks to all parishioners who contributed to parish funds.


Parish Finance Committee, 2007:

Fr. Sean Heaney P.P.

John Hannigan

Joan Waldron

Edward Gillick

Tadgh O’Brien

Pauline Murphy

Mary Bergin

Des Henry


 Schedule 1 : Receipts   
  2007 2006 2005
  € € €
 Plate Collections 242,532 251,021 228,242
 Weekly Collections 166,446 143,952 129,279
 Offering for the Support of the Clergy 117,035 68,317 92,617
 Shrine Offerings 84,865 88,219 80,476
 Total 610,778 551,509 530,614


Schedule 1: Receipts


Direct Debit Contributions:

If you would prefer to contribute to the Parish by way of Standing Order instead of weekly envelope please contact the Parish secretary Tel: 057- 9321587

Income Tax Relief:

There are tax benefits to be gained by the parish from contributions made by PAYE taxpayers that exceed €250 per annum. Self-employed people can increase their contributions and avail of tax relief.




 Plate Collections .....................................


 Weekly envelope collection  166,446
 Offerings  117,035
 Shrine offerings  84,765
 Sub total  610,778
 Sundry receipts  
 Dividends & interest received 1,232 
 Bequests 3,399 

From Tullamore Parish Trust Fund Re 2006


Excess Receipts over (Expenses) for Cemetery

 Tax refund 18,475 
 Chaplin receipts 33,102 

Sale of Books & Calendars & Candles

 Sundry receipts 716 

Refund of Loan for Durrow Hall Toilets

 Charitable donation 794 
 Family Support Agency 2,400 
 Novena income 2,587 
 Sale of crosses 3,000 
 Donations for New Parish Centre 20,078 
 Rent and parish car park 23,898 
 Total receipts  803,167
 Total  expences  796,126
 Surplus 2007  7,041


Parish development work €86,522

Parish development expendeture in 2007 was comprised of grants paid to parish pastoral council for the contraction of pastoral staff, the funding of various projects to do with youth, liturgy, prayer, bereavement support, adult religious education, hospitality, charitable donations and the development of various other ministries in the parish. It also included loans for work upon Durrow hall and Durrow Church.

Note  2: new Parish Centre

The total parish contribution to the New Parish Centre in 2007 was € 95,000

Accountants Report

We have examined the books and records of Tul;lamore Parish and from information and explanations suppliesd to us , we have prepared the Receipts and Expences Account

dated  6th March 2008

Byrne Cacey & Associates Chartered Accoumntants




 Accounts for the Year ended 31 December 2007  
 New parish centre  95,000

Wages & PRSI:


Parish Employees (12 Employees)


(Office, Reception, Caretaker, Sacristan, Parish Sister, Cleaner, Cook)

 Priests salaries 74,000 256,912

Administrational Expenses:


Stationary & Office Expenses


Telephone & Post


Bank Interest & Charges

 Insurance 23,187 
 Professional fees 7,381 

Light & Heat for all Parish Buildings

 Presentations 3,585 
 Envelope expences 8,559 95,409
 Parochial house expences  
 Provisions 30,920 
 Repair and maintenance 28,175 59,095
 Church expences  
 Church requisits 11,015 
 Capital expendeture 15,001 
 Motor and travel expences 6,265 
 Candles 13,702 
 Bulletins and missalets 6,928 
 Church maintenance and repairs 108,735 
 Repairs to St. Mary's hall and Chapel street expenditure 5,007 166,653
 Parish development work  
 Grants to PPC sub committes 37,861 
 Loan for Durrow hall toilets 3,696 
 Subscriptions and Parish Expences 20,355 
 Sundry expences 841 
 Charitable donations 13,941 
 Purchace of Crosses 5,000 
 Parish car park 1,675 
 Courses and retreats 2,253 
 Pastoral workers (1 only) 880 86,522
 Diocessan Levies  
 Annual levy to diocese 21,000 
 Annual Diocesan levy on priests offerings 5,000 
 Annual contribution to diocesan retiremant fund 9,975 36,535
 Total expences  796,126



 Direct Debit Contributions


If you would prefer to contribute to the Parish by way of Standing Order instead of weekly envelope please sign this

Print this part and return to the
Parochial House
Standing Order Request

To (Bank Name)…………………………………………………..

Address of Bank…………………………………………………..

Sort Code : [                  ] 
Account No: [                                      ]

I hereby authorise you, until further notice in writing, to charge to my account with you by way of Standing Order the sum of  ____________ to be paid on a
[monthly]     [quarterly]     [annual] (Please tick one box only) basis,

Commencing on _______________/___________________/2008

Please pay thereafter to the Credit of Tullamore Parish Centre Building Fund Account, Bank of Ireland, Tullamore, Co. Offaly.

                   Sort Code : 901909          Account No: 63172379

Signature:_________________________________     Date:___________________

Name in Block Capitals: ____________________________

Address: _________________________________________        

Please return the completed Parochial House to ensure that all amounts contributed are properly accredited to you.           

Income tax Relief     


There are tax benifits to be gained by the parish from contributions made by PAYE taxpayers that exceed €250.00 per annum.
Self employed people can increase their contributions to avail of tax relief