15 January 2021
Times of Funeral Mass

Times of Funeral  Mass

From 2nd March 2008 

We would like to explain the decision to change the times of funerals in the parish. The decision to move the time of funeral Masses was taken after a period of consultation with the Liturgy Group and the Parish Pastoral Council.  Both bodies agreed that it was a necessary step, in order to enable the parish clergy to keep pace with the other work (mainly school work).   There are nine primary schools and three post-primary schools in the parish, and all receive full time pastoral care from three priests.

Funeral Masses will take place at 10am. If there is a second funeral Mass, then it will be at 12.00. If a funeral falls on the Saturday of a Shared Mass, the funeral Mass will be at 11.30. The customary service of visitation to the bereaved family to offer sympathy and support and to help in preparing the liturgy will in no way change. If an anniversary Mass happens to fall with a funeral, that intention is also remembered in the Mass. The Mass has infinite value, and is in no  way diminished by this.

On behalf of the priest's of the parish, we would like to offer our sincere apologies for the way this significant change has been introduced. There was no intention on our part to disregard the sensitivities of bereaved families or parishioners. We hope that you will understand that is necessary in order for your priests to keep giving as much service as possible to the parish.