23 January 2021
PPC Reports 2008

 Parish Pastoral Council 2008


Members of the Parish Pastoral Council

Fr. Sean Heaney, Fr. Shane Crombie, Fr. Padraig Corcoran, Sr. Genny Hassey, Sr. Margarat Bourke,
Richard Egan,   Margaret Kelly,   Barbara Mahon,  Rhona Cloonan, John Hannigan, Pat Kearns,   
Carmel McGinn,   Tomasz Askuntowicz,   Geraldine O’Toole Leavy, Eilish Fogarty, Robert Holmes, 
Doreen Grimes, Tom Berry, , Kevin Wrafter, Ann Starling,  Michael Hanlon


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Matters discussed were the proposed official opening of the centre on Sat Dec 6th.  Details will be given on a regular basis.  Management Committee gave an update on how the Centre is working.

Preparations for Parish Mission were discussed.

Discussion on the Confirmation and First Communion programmes took place and it was agreed to proceed along the same lines as last year.

A plan to erect a Crib in the town in co-operation with Tullamore Town Council and other Churches was discussed and will be finalized in the near future.




Present: Richard Egan, Eilish Fogarty, Margaret Kelly, Shane Crombie, Margaret Burke, Pat Kearns, Kevin Wrafter, Padraig Corcoran, Sean Heaney, Rhona Cloonan, John Hannigan, Tomasz Askuntowicz, Geraldine O’Toole Leavy, Barbara Mahon, Tom Berry, Michael Hanlon, Genny Hassey.

Apologies: Carmel McGinn, Doreen Grimes, Mary Larkin.

Minutes & Matters Arising: Covered on the agenda. Minutes proposed by Eilish Fogarty, seconded by Barbara Mahon.

Correspondence: 1. Request from Arden View Community & Family Resource Centre for donation of €100 towards their Race Night.

2. Midlands Simon Community - thank you for permission to sell Christmas cards in the Church.

Sub-Committee to organise farewell for Priests: Sub committee consisting of Richard Egan, Rhona Cloonan, Eilish Fogarty, Babara Mahon & Genny Hassey will meet to draw up guidelines - in consultation with the priests - and report back to PPC before June 08.

Mission Statement: There was much discussion around this. Members voiced their opinions - some in agreement and some opposed - on the statement which is an excellent summary of the work of the PPC over the past few months. The question arose whether a mission statement should exist for the parish. It was decided to defer any further discussion and to place mission statement on the agenda for March meeting.


Pastoral Plan 2008-2010 - the four pillars compiled by Niall O’Connell: All present agreed the time for talking has past and now its time to put the talk into action.

Pillar 1: Sub-committee was set up, consisting of Sean Heaney, Rhona Cloonan, Kevin Wrafter, Tomasz Askuntowicz, Shane Crombie, Padraig Corcoran & Genny Hassey. They will examine targets 1-6 and their implementation.

Provision of Crib in Town Centre: Discussed at the last meeting. Richard met with Junior Chamber and Brendan Clarke and Shane contacted Gerald Field, who is willing to come on board. All agreed that a more suitable location is needed. Richard, Shane & Barbara Mahon will attend follow up meeting.

Funeral Masses: A proposal submitted from Liturgy Committee, that funeral Masses be celebrated at the 10.00am Mass as parish policy, was agreed. Sean will meet with the Undertakers. This will be phased in. Will also apply to Durrow. Mass intentions already taken will be included on the day.

AOB: 1. Sean gave a progress report on the Parish Centre. It is going very well. Administration group looking after furnishings. Management of the centre needs to be discussed in detail. Basic work will be completed by the end of March and it is hoped to be in by the beginning of May.

2. Richard congratulated all involved in St Mary’s Youth & Community Centre Ltd on the launch of the I.C.T facility.

3. Pat Kearns extended congrats to Shane and the musicians for Mass commemorating 150th anniversary of Lourdes.

4. Church Security - need for CCTV to be installed in the Church. Shane at present investigating the provision of screens in the Church and he will also investigate cameras and report back to next meeting. The question of candles was also addressed.

This concluded the business of the meeting.

Next Meeting: Thursday 13th March at 8.15pm.

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Present: Richard Egan, Eilish Fogarty, Margaret Kelly, Carmel McGinn, Shane Crombie, Margaret Burke, Barbara Mahon, Pat Kearns, Mary Larkin, Doreen Grimes, Kevin Wrafter, Padraig Corcoran, Genny Hassey.

Apologies: Sean Heaney, Robert Holmes, Rhona Cloonan, John Hannigan, Tomasz Askuntowicz, Geraldine O’Toole Leavy.

Minutes & Matters Arising: The Chairman welcomed all and wished everyone a happy new year, during which the PPC would do fruitful work for the parish.

1. Farewell Night to priests leaving the parish: discussed and decided to appoint a sub-committee who would draw up guidelines and make recommendations to the PPC.

2. Mission Statement - deferred to February meeting when Fr Sean would be present.

3. 4 Pillars - discussion centred on (i) 2nd chance Mass, which we will call "Welcome Back" Mass and (ii) Lent. "Welcome Back" Mass will be part of the Lenten Programme and will take place on the 1st Friday in February, ie 8th at 7.30pm. Following extensive discussion, it was decided that in order to reach the people in question, it would be a good idea to take a large ad in the local paper, Tribune, giving the Lenten programme and "Welcome Back" Mass in bold. The paper would also do a feature on Lent. Radio 3 community diary would broadcast details of Mass - 3 times daily for 5 days at a cost of €90. These ads need to be in by 31st Jan. It was felt that this was money well spent. Also a summary of Lenten programme to be published in other papers and Mass on Will Faulkner programme on Radio 3. Shane agreed to look after wording. We need to write to Finance for money with a recommendation from PPC.

Correspondence: 1. Michelle Mahon tendering her resignation from PPC. Richard paid a warm tribute to her for her long years of contribution to the parish. He commended her for her dedication, hard work, legal expertise and the clarity of her thinking. A letter of appreciation to be sent - Richard to write it and both he and Fr Sean to sign it.

2. Bill O’Hanlon, Manager St Mary’s Youth & Community Centre, expressing sincere gratitude to the parish for its generous donation to meet insurance costs. He issued an invitation to the PPC to visit the centre in order to see first hand, the work carried on there.

Lent: Samples of the Lenten Brochure were available. There was a good discussion on same. Recommended that the parish logo be used. Some minor changes suggested, typographical corrections made. In general there was a very positive reaction to the brochure, and hoped to have it available for distribution in the church the weekend before Lent begins. A sign will be done by ‘Signs of the Future’, advertising the Lenten Programme and will be placed at Harbour St side of the church. One of the screens on the electronic notice board is not working - all notices will appear on this also.

Crib in Town Centre: This is an issue of concern. A crib was initially provided by the Junior Chamber years ago. The position crib for Christmas 07 not at all suitable. Richard spoke with the Town Council engineer. There was good discussion and a lot of good will. It was felt that the other Christian churches should also be involved. We should contact Junior Chamber and perhaps arrange a meeting with two members of PPC. We should also ask Brendan Clarke to identify a suitable position for a crib.

AOB: 1. Chairs in Day Chapel recovered - very nice job - courtesy of Gerry Walsh, Paul Galvin, Jimmy & Johnny Feery. A letter of appreciation will be sent.

2. Kevin Wrafter paid compliments to the Parish Team on the Advent & Christmas liturgies, especially teen choir for Reconciliation. Doreen Grimes complimented Family Mass Team on 10am Christmas Mass.

Next Meeting: 21st Feb.

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