20 January 2021
Ballinamere 'Substance Misuse



Various recent studies and research indicate that the age at which children are experimenting with widely available drugs and other hazardous substances is lowering.

Two leading authorities, Dr. Niall McElwee and Detective Garda Declan Geraghty, will discuss this alarming development at a presentation which will take place on Tuesday, 27th February at 8.00 p.m. at Ballinamere National School, Tullamore. Anyone with an interest in attending this important event is welcome.

This  presentation will address issues surrounding the misuse of drugs and alcohol and the challenges facing parents to protect our children from this  threat which is one of one of the biggest and destructive menaces of our time and right on our doorstep !

Guest speaker, Detective Garda Declan Geraghty, has extensive ‘on the ground’ experience of the prevalence of drugs and alcohol abuse in our community and his presentation will be demonstrated in a practical and informative way. 

Also presenting will be Dr. Niall McElwee, Senior Lecturer & Director of the Centre for Child and Youth Care Learning in Athlone Institute of Technology. His presentation is entitled  “Do you know where your children are and what they are doing because the Drug Pushers do !”  Dr. McElwee has been involved in child and youth care for fifteen years and is the author of over a dozen books and reports in the area of child and youth care. To find out more about his work visit website www.ait.ie centre for child and youth care learning.

This event, which is organised by the Parents Association committee of Ballinamere National School, will be of particular interest to parents as well as those involved in the care, education and social development of children in primary school senior classes and teenagers. A small admission fee of €5 will apply. All are welcome.