24 January 2021


Work on our new Centre is progressing well and the outline of the building is beginning to take shape.  The hope is that the building will be roofed by Christmas, and that the interior work will then progress at a pace to meet our April deadline for the opening.
In regard to fund raising, the response has been patchy so far.  Some people have responded very generously and have given the work a great boost at the start.  We still feel that many people are still to come on board in giving their support, and hope that you will consider doing so. 
It is well to note that any PAYE earner who contributes €250 during the calendar year, can benefit the Parish greatly through the Tax Rebate Scheme.  What this means is that the tax you have already claimed on your contribution can be reclaimed for the Parish by simply signing a Claim Form. 
This year the amount received through this scheme rose from about €10,000 to about €18,000.  You can add much more to this total if you can bring your contribution for the year up to €250. 
It is worth thinking about and certainly worth acting upon.

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