20 January 2021
proclaiming the Gospel in Tullamore.

 Proclaiming the Gospel in Tullamore.


Over the years our Parish has frequently asked for more help in the work of proclaiming the Gospel in Tullamore.  This is a call to all to recognise their special dignity as children of God and parts of the Body of Christ through our shared Baptism. 
At the present time the Parish Pastoral Council is working on a programme of further initiatives to be undertaken, to invite those who have drifted from regular Sunday Mass attendance to come back to a fuller sharing in the life of the Parish.  These new initiatives will require further help and support from parishioners and we will be promoting our plans in the weeks ahead. 
Our hope is that you will give serious thought to asking the basic question: ‘How can I help?’  We hope you will see the challenge to become involved as an opportunity to spread the Gospel, rather than a chore which you would prefer not to do. 
We should remember that the Church is home to everyone, and you will realise that those who miss out on active sharing in the life of the Parish miss much.