24 January 2021
Marriage Preparation Information



The following are guidelines which all couples intending to marry should follow:

Book the Church contact the Parish Secretary, Monday - Friday 9.30 am - 5 pm and contact the local priest   well in advance of making preparations for their wedding day;
. Complete the pre-nuptual inquiry form in their local parish at least six months before
  they wish to be married;
. If planning to get married abroad must contact the local priest before making any arrangements with a
  travel agent or wedding co-ordinator.  This should help ensure that no serious difficulties arise before
  major commitments have been made;
. Meet the civil registrar six months before wedding to give notice of intention to marry;
. Receive the Marriage Registration Form from civil registrar and bring to  the solemniser;
. Make a verbal declaration of no civil impediment not more than two days beforehand;
. Return the signed Marriage Registration Form to the civil registrar not later than one month after the

All couples getting married must attend a pre-marriage course.  
Contact ACCORD 9341831 or www.accord.ie.

ACCORD also available for marriage and relationship counselling.