15 January 2021
Fr Padraig Corcoran 9 Sep 07


My name is Padraig Corcoran and I am a native of The Downs, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath.
I take up my appointment here in Tullamore after leaving St. Finian's College, Mullingar where I worked as Director of Studies.  I was also Chaplain to the Midland Regional Hospital in Mullingar.  The positions I held there were my first in the diocese of Meath after my ordination in December 2004.  Tullamore will be the first parish I will have worked in as a curate.  There will be plenty of things I still have to learn and I do hope to do as best as I possibly can.

I am a keen follower of gaelic football, soccer and many other things.  I play gaelic for my native club which is The Downs.  I come from a large family of 8 children which I am second youngest.

Looking forward to getting to know you all in the Parish over the coming weeks and months.

Padraig Corcoran.