23 January 2021
2006 Fr André farewell

Farewll To Fr André - 16th July 2006

I was a child like any other child.
I was more interested in mathematics. I was thinking of making a career in mathematics to make money, to wed a wife and rise children like anybody.
Yet, the Lord took me from my dreams to make me a celibate for his kingdom and a priest for his people.
I feel unworthy and powerless. So, if ever there is any success in my ministry, I owe it to God whose power is at its best in weakness.
It is the same for any other vocation like marriage. Many couples are still together because recognising their own weaknesses they have come to put their trust in the power of god for whom nothing is impossible.
When we happen to rely on ourselves only, on our skills or intelligence, and things go off hand, there is no need for panic. Repentance is still possible because God always forgives. He loves us so much as to feed us with his own body in order to make us holy and spotless for the glory of God who lives and reigns forever and ever.

We take this opportunity to say farewell to Fr Andre, who is returning to his native diocese in Burkina Faso.  Over the past seven years, firstly as a seminarian, and then as a priest, Fr Andre has been a regular visitor to the parish where he has been made most welcome both by the clergy and the staff in the Parochial House and by the people of the parish. 
We appreciate the help that he has been able to give during the holiday period each year, and thank him most sincerely.  We feel that his presence in the parish has been a reminder to us to offer help and welcome to those from other countries, especially countries of great poverty. 
We also wish people to be aware that Bishop Smith has fully funded Fr Andre as a student and a post-graduate at Maynooth College for the past seven years.  We thank the Bishop for his great generosity to the tune of €100,000 over that time. 
We know that Fr Andre has benefited greatly from this generosity, and that he does appreciate the generosity shown to him.