27 January 2021
2005 Parish Centre / Envelope Collection




Today we take time to speak to you on behalf of the Parish Pastoral Council and its subcommittees on matters relating to finance and the future development of the Parish.

Parish Centre Project

Firstly we wish to make you aware that the PPC and the other committees propose to go ahead with the development of St. Mary’s Hall as a Parish Centre.  A Parish Centre will enable the services of the Parish to be run more efficiently, and facilitate the greater involvement of lay people in the running of the Parish – which is undoubtedly the way forward for the Church.  It will embrace such worthwhile services as the work of Accord, bereavement and loss counselling, prayer groups, a Parish Office, meeting rooms, a religious goods shop, and a social and welcoming area for all, especially before and after Masses in the Parish Church. 
Our hope is that at this time you will endorse the plan to provide such a Centre, and as planning goes ahead, we will hope to continue to keep all parishioners fully informed of all aspects of the project, including the display of plans as soon as they are ready and a public meeting to enable all to express their views.
This is a major project for which we ask your wholehearted support.  It will involve a great fund-raising effort, which can succeed if we have the support of the Parish.

Envelope Collection

For a number of years now the method of Collection has involved great commitment and generosity on the part of a small number of people, our collectors.  On your behalf we thank them sincerely. 
Unfortunately many areas have no collector, nor is it possible to recruit one.  The result is that we have decided to change the method of collection as from January 1st.  All are asked to bring their envelopes to Mass, and to place them in the boxes which will be provided at the entrances to the Church. 
You may continue to contribute on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis, but we do ask you to use your envelope number when making your contribution.

Those who would prefer to make their contribution by direct debit may do so by taking a Direct Debit Form from the tables as you leave the Church and returning the form directly to your bank or to the Parish Secretary at the Parochial House.

The Parish also participates in the Tax Rebate Scheme which allows you to donate tax paid on your contribution to the Parish as a Registered Charity.   Forms will be sent out to all eligible contributors after Dec. 31st. and you can help the Parish considerably by completing and returning these forms. 

Overall, we feel that many people do not support the Parish through the Envelope Collection.  Yet the Parish has run at a loss each of the last four years, due to exceptional once-off expenses.  These include the provision of our Car Park, the rebuilding of Ballinamere School, the purchase of extra land to facilitate the extension of Clonminch Cemetery, external works in the Church grounds, refurbishment of the Parochial House, and this year, the provision of new amplification system and the painting of the Church. 
It seems that each year some exceptional items of expense will continue to arise particularly in the area of upgrading and extending our schools.  We must all work together to arrest this situation.  Rather than asking those who already contribute to give more, we feel it is appropriate to ask those who have not hitherto contributed to do so in the coming year.

Finally, we thank you for your kind attention, and hope that we can all move forward together in developing all aspects of our Parish life for the betterment of ourselves and our town.