27 January 2021
2005 Eucharistic Adoration 11th anniversary


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Pictures from 10th Anniversary, Friday 10th September 2004

11th Anniversary Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration 

Our annual anniversary falls on the 11th September, and we usually celebrate the occasion as near as possible to that date. But this year, we really ran overtime, to Friday 28th October.

Apologies to all who thought we had forgotten it. Never!

It was worth waiting for!

Father Lar Lynch, a Carmelite priest from Moate, celebrated a Votive Mass of the Blessed Sacrament with readings from the feast of Corpus Christi. He had encouraged us to involve as many people as possible in the Liturgy, and was really delighted on the night, with the broad cross-section of age groups who participated so fully and reverently.

The occasion was doubly special in that we linked up with the closing days of the year of the Eucharist. Because Fr. Lars name as a speaker on the Eurcharist  preceded him, we knew we would not be dissappointed with his homily on the Eucharist. His fire and enthusiasm for the topic was infectious, as he shared about St. Therese and other Saints' love of the Eucharist.  The person and humanity of Jesus Christ really came alive for many of us.  It was an inspiring input in that it explained and answered very simply, the many unspoken questions within the congregation.

To really add to the joy of the occasion, we had the gift of our lovely soloist, Sabrina Rabbitte from Clara, who stirred hearts and souls, and seemed to be inspired in her choice of music and hymns.  What  a blessing she must be to the children in her school !

She linked in with Sarah and Catherine for our half-hour of guided adoration after Mass, whick included brief reflections on the Eucharist alternated with appropriate chants.

It was an emotive and spiritaul experience !

Heaven and Earth were at one for a short while !

Big thank you to Mary, Maeve, Regina, Anna, John, Adrian, Sadie, Larry, May, Sarah, Catherine, Sabrina, Fr. Lar and all who by their attendance made the occasion so beautiful.

It was good to have the Website crew - unintrusive and quietly  efficient - to share the experience !


"Wonderful spiritual experience".

"Eleven years of Adoration in Hospital Chapel, an inspiration and encouragement to all".

"Highlighted what can be done by the laiety at community level".

"Beautiful expereince of Adoration".

 "A joyful and uplighting night".