27 January 2021
2005 Kilbride

11th September 2005

Cemetery Sunday in Kilbride

The plaque above

The early Christian monks built a Church here in the 8/9th century.
Like Durrow monastery it became a special centre of Christian worship for centuries to come. Penal times brought persecution and destruction in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. As a result the last Masses in this parish of Kilbride were celebrated by Frs. Brian Geoghegan, Edmond Catolan and John Coonan. The latter two were arrested and imprisoned in Phillipstown in 1712. Masses were celebrated secretly in homes and on Mass rocks during those penal years even though Kilbride Church fell into disuse and ruins it remained an important burial ground. Countless people were buried here during Famine times. Mass was next celebrated in 1988 by Fr Rory O'Brien, a native of the Parish. May the history of this hallowed and holy ground of Kilbride inspire us and future generations to renew our faith in God.
'Faith of our Fathers and living still'
Our thanks to Tim Hanlon for his inspirational leadership of this project.
Erected October 2003

Note. Kilbride Graveyard is a few miles from Tullamore on the Rahan road. Phillipstown is now Daingean
                   I am not sure if the date Fr Rory celebrated Mass is 1988 or 1966 i will try to find out as this picture is not very clear.