05 December 2020
2005 Annual Finance Report for 2004

Tullamore Parish Finance Committee Annual Report

The Committee takes this opportunity to thank all our contributors for the great generosity they show to the Parish, and also to thank the many voluntary workers who give  freely of their time to carry out what is a difficult and thankless task, namely the collection of envelopes.

 Firstly,    Our income for 2004 is €514,000.  Special Collections for Trocaire and other worthy causes are not included in this figure.  In spite of the generous support we have received from so many, the Report shows that we have accumulated a deficit of €96,000 during 2004.  This is explained mainly by the contribution of €44,000 towards the new School in Ballinamere and a sum of €71,000 on refurbishing the Parochial House. ( This work included the replacement of all windows in the building which were no longer secure or weather-proof.)  In the previous two years there was also a deficit due to the provision of a the Parish Car Park at a cost of €252,000, and the acquisition of extra ground for Tullamore Cemetery at Clonminch at a cost of €150,000.
  It is important to realise that the level of service provided by the Parish is extremely high and also extremely costly.  Our many groups and organisations all require a high level of funding, but, we believe, provide a good return in terms of service given.  Wages account for almost half of our total income.  It is easy to understand that the running costs of a Parish the size of Tullamore will absorb the rest of our income.  The Finance Committee have examined all possible savings in the day to day running of the Parish, and has concluded that very little in this area can be achieved without a reduction in the level of services.
  During 2005  it is planned to paint the interior of Tullamore Church.  This project will be a major item of expenditure, so the possibility of a deficit in this year cannot be ruled out
  The Finance Committee is satisfied that the level of support for our Envelope Collection is way below its true potential.  This is for two reasons.  Firstly, many households do not contribute to the Envelope Collection.  Secondly, the level of contribution in many cases is unrealistic.  It is suggested that 1% of take home income should a reasonable guideline for envelope contributions.  The Committee plans to write to each household to appealing to all for more realistic contributions to the Collection.  We also hope to enlarge the number of Parishioners who will contribute by direct debit, as this is the easiest and least painful method of contribution.
  The Finance Committee also hope to develop the Tax Rebate Scheme for PAYE workers, whereby the Tax paid on contributions of over €250 per annum can be reclaimed and added to the Parish funds.  
  Finally the Committee looks forward to a successful and fruitful year in 2005