05 December 2020
2004 Pilgrimage to Lourdes


Lourdes Pilgrimage

We have just returned from our Pilgrimage to Lourdes led by spiritual director, Rev,. Father Lorenzo Bracken MHM.

Lourdes Pilgrimage

The highlight of our trip being the visit of Pope John Paul 11. the Popes Rosary Recition at 5pm on Saturday and his Mass on Sunday at 12 noon, all in open air attended by 500,000 people on each occasion. His perseverance and determination to persist despite overpowering heat and his illness was overwhelming to watch.

Young and old gasped on occasions at hic total determination to bring god’s message to all mankind.

On Monday, holy Mass and queuing for baths, blessed sacrament processions, Stations of the Cross and Grotto Vigil.

On Tuesday, visit to Bartez and a visit to Saint Bernadette’s convent, and healing Mass celebrated by Father Bracken attended by pilgrims from Australia, Scotland and England. Each person receiving such healing, peace and joy expressed a wish to have Father Bracken offer healing Masses in their respective Churches. In the afternoon, a lsrge candle was carried shoulder high to the Grotto, there it was lit and will burn for months for intentions of our families and friends. In torchlight procession, our group carried the Tullamore and Clonaslee banners. Music ministry was provided by Paddy foy. His selection of music hymns and songs at each service was a joy to behold. Many thanks Paddy.

A most enjoyable Pilgrimage was experienced by all and we hope to return next year god willing.

Our sincere thanks and appreciation to Father Bracken.