23 January 2021


Bishop Smith has asked priests and people of the Diocese to highlight the sacredness of human life over the next five weeks.  The annual 'Choose Life!' Day for Life in Ireland this year on Sunday 7th will mark the beginning of a special month of prayer and awareness campaign in the diocese. Bishop Smith has expressed concern about the widespread misinformation about the implications of the December 2010 judgement of the European Court of Human Rights A,B & C vs Ireland.  He says: "The Government is under no obligation to legislate for abortion because of the ruling of the European Court.  On the contrary, Government is free to respond by seeking full protection in Irish law for the right to life of the baby in the womb.  The Catholic Church has a moral obligation to protect human life and to support the vulnerable.  I urge everyone to pray the special prayer and pastoral message which we have published, and, to view the insightful and brave personal video testimonies available on our new website www.chooselife2012.ie."   Bishop Smith continued, "Our Choose Life" message highlights the equal right to life of a mother and the child in her womb, and the right of each to be treated as individual persons.  Our positive message affirms that the child in the womb is not a potential life, but a human life with potential.  The Church's 'Choose Life!' campaign will actively be promoted using social media: YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. "The pages can be located on Choose Life 2012 on Facebook, and @Chooselife2012 on Twitter. The focus on "Choose Life" will continue in our Bulletin for the month of October.  We do need to reflect on the need for due respect for everybody's life.  The recent outbreak of violence on our streets leading to ten deaths by shooting highlights the casual attitude of many to life.  Violent weekend brawls leading to serious injury, and sometimes death, is further evidence of an indifference to the sacredness of life in our society.  In this atmosphere, it is easy to see that many people may not be unduly perturbed by attempts to introduce abortion.  Our regard for life has already been cheapened, so is abortion that much of a step further?  Our first concern must be to cherish and respect all life.  It is in the context of this respect that abortion will be seen as an abominable crime.

A limited number of leaflets of the Day for Life are available at the exits from the Church this weekend.