22 January 2021
Stations of The Cross. post primary
Evening Prayer With A Difference
Sunday 17th April 2011
Led by young people from local post-primary schools who mimed the Stations of the Cross.
We welcomed in particular children, as the Stations were brought to life in a way that they can understand.
We encouraged grandparents, parents and their children to attend as we prepare to the Easter Triduum.
1.    Jesus is condemned to Death.
Lord for the times I have washed my hands of my responsibilities
Lord have mercy.
2. Jesus takes up the cross.

For the times I have burdened others with my selfishness.

Lord have mercy
Jesus falls the first time.

May your rising again give me strength to rise too from my falls.  For the times I have fallen of caused others to fall.

Lord have mercy.

Jesus meets his mother.

Lord by her compassion, Your mother took part in Your work of redemption.  May we too share your agony, so that we can rejoice in Your victory.

For the times I have been indifferent to the sufferings of others

Lord have mercy.

Simon Cyrene helps Jesus to carry the cross.
Lord You are the creator of heaven and earth, yet You need the help of my hands to carry out Your work of mercy in the world.  For the times I have done nothing to ease the burdens of others.

Lord have mercy



Veronica wipes the face of Jesus.

Lord as often as I do an act of kindness to others, I do it to You.  For the times I have failed to see You in the sufferings of others.

Lord have mercy


Jesus falls the second time.

Lord help me to weep for Your sufferings and my sins.  For the times I have hardened my heart against Your grace.

Lord have mercy

Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem.
Lord we weep for ourselves and our children. Spare us from the threat of war and destruction that hangs over the world.
For all the hatred and cruelty in the world 
Lord have mercy.
Jesus falls the third time.
Lord I am weak and helpless without You, but You give me strength and I will move mountains.  For the times I have lost heart and been tempted to despair. 
Lord have mercy
Jesus is stripped of his garments.
For the times I have set my heart on this world rather than on You.
Lord have mercy.
Jesus is nailed to the cross.
Give me strength when I have to suffer for Your sake.
Lord have mercy.
Jesus dies on the cross
Lord, on the cross You gave us Mary Your mother, to be our Mother too.  For the times I have failed in love towards Mary my mother. 
Lord have mercy

Jesus is taken down from the cross.

Lord Jesus Christ, You are my Saviour and my King, my Lord and my God.

Lord have mercy.

Jesus is laid in the tomb
Lord remember me when You come into Your kingdom.

For the times I have forgotten the resurrection.   Lord have mercy.

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